Effective Telephone Techniques to Engage & Influence Customers

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

The telephone is the key mode of communication with customers in most organisations today. The telephone is often your customer's first point of contact with your company. Customers often form an impression of your company from the quality of one call or from the point of first contact. It is essential to understand, not just which techniques can be effective to influence customers but also the advantages and disadvantages of communicating by telephone. This course provides participants with the skills necessary to handle all telephone calls effectively and professionally to generate the confidence and respect of customers.

Target Audience

This course is not only applicable to front line staff but also for Sales and Service Professionals who want to project a professional image when communicating with customers on the telephone. Managers and team leaders of sales and service teams responsible for inbound, outbound sales and customer service will also learn to enable their team members to communicate effectively with customers on the telephone and manage difficult situation.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Projecting a Professional Image – Creating the Right Impression of Self and Company
  • Customer Service Essentials when Communicating with Customers on the Phone
  • Effective Telephone Communication Skills to Engage Customers on the Phone
  • Pre-Planning Sales and Service Calls
  • Understand and Manage Call Reluctance when Communicating with Customers
  • Managing In Bound Service and Sales Enquiries Effectively
  • Common Customer Frustrations when Using the Telephone
  • Avoid Mistakes that will Affect Sales or Service when Communicating with Customers
Day 2
  • Use Appropriate Language when Communicating on the Phone
  • Listening Techniques to Understand Customers Needs
  • Techniques for Improving Listening Skills to Engage Your Customers
  • Perfecting Telephone Sales and Service Techniques – Scripting the Right Message
  • Effective Questioning Techniques to Influence Customers on the Telephone
  • Asking the Right Questions to Identify and Understand Underlying Customer Issues
  • Managing Difficult Situations and Complaints from Unhappy Customers on the Phone
  • Recovery Strategies to Satisfy Unhappy Customers

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Ng Ping Ping/Suganthi Shivkumar

Ng Ping Ping is a powerful coach who helps companies and their personnel grow in their professional and personal journey. Charismatic and enthusiastic, she is a one of a kind trainer. Her unique blend of theory, married with experiential dimensions provide more than a cognitive learning process.

Ping Ping uses her broad experience gained through various roles in multinational companies in all her training sessions. She has had exposure in client relationship management, service quality, branding/marketing from the leadership roles she has held in the past.

With intensive hands on experience in operations and merchandising for the fashion and retail industry of leading brands, she have been trained to have a keen eye for detail. Her clientele hails from countries across the globe, cutting across the width of the whole social strata rung. Having worked and lived in many countries, she has kept up to date with the different trends and cultures in different markets and is easily adaptable to train different groups.

The key areas she trains includes Communication, Sales, Branding & Marketing, Negotiation Skills, Customer Service, and Self-Empowerment issues.

Her natural charisma, ability to captivate and keep her audience focused is a key factor for the exceptional results she attains consistently.

From her years of work experience she is able to bring direct relevance to the classroom experience.

A firm believer in lifelong learning she applies current methodologies of learning in the training programs that she conducts.

Ping Ping graduated with Bachelors of Commerce, specialising in Banking, Finance and Management from Murdoch University, Western Australia. She is currently an associate trainer with the Centre For Communication And Sales Training Pte Ltd.

Suganthi Shivkumar is a motivational coach, and an accomplished speaker, consultant and trainer in the fields of effective sales processes, sales transformation programs, business presentation skills, communication, customer service, effective team building, leadership and strategies for personal success.

She was an award winning regional trainer for Hyperion Software Asia and helped start up the business in Australia , Hong Kong, India and South East Asia. She enjoyed a very fast and progressive career with Hyperion where she grew into Asia's Top Sales Person, Asia's Top Regional Sales Director and Top Regional Managing Director .

Suganthi has wide and deep exposure to working in cross cultural environments. She is an articulate communicator and has worked extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong and Australia.

Suganthi is fanatic about training and enabling her teams, partners and ecosystem . She is a well regarded mentor and coach to several highly successful sales people. She has moderated and facilitated several industry and leadership panel discussions and delivered well received speeches in many industry events across South East Asia, India, HK and Australia.

Suganthi is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach for Stakeholder Centred Coaching for High Performers and Leaders . She is also Certified in Marshall Goldsmith's Global Leader of the Future including the 360 Assessments