Creating Newsletters for Maximum Impact

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

A company's newsletter is the voice of the organisation. If you are involved in producing a newsletter, you can increase your readability by good writing, attractive visuals, interesting content, and design that draws and retains the reader. A well-produced newsletter can engage its readership and bond employees to the organisation.

Course Benefits

  • Write crisp and clear copy that draws readers to your newsletters
  • Edit copy to make your articles more readable
  • Guide photographers to take interesting pictures
  • Crop pictures to tell their own story
  • Guide layout artists to play up important company articles

Target Audience

Writers, editors and communications staff who oversee newsletter production.

Course Outline

  • Writing clear intros and news leads
  • Adopting the inverted pyramid style used in newspapers
  • Honing in on the angle to give routine news a fresh perspective
  • Shaping and sequencing articles for easy reading
  • Adding quotes and captions to add interest
  • Unleashing the power of the verb to make articles come alive
  • Knowing how to use tenses, punctuation, diction, sentence length and clauses
  • Weeding out ambiguity and clutter
  • Selecting the appropriate vocabulary and transition links to make the articles coherent
  • Creating effective paragraphs
  • Proofreading techniques – tips and techniques
  • Engaging the Editor in layout principles
  • Focus on type (size, font), column settings (being aware of the desired number of words in a column to aid readability), subheads (placing), captions (format)
  • Writing catchy headlines and standfirsts to grab the readers’ attention
  • Cropping and composing photographs to maximise impact
  • Understanding how design enhances readability

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Valerie Valberg-Yeoh

Valerie Valberg-Yeoh brings to the course 26 years of experience in communications. The top graduate of her cohort of teacher trainees became Editor of Singapore Airlines' award-winning house newspaper, Outlook. Her particular expertise is linguistics. After an overseas stint, Valerie returned to teach Communications Skills at the Singapore Polytechnic.

Valerie has been conducting training in both written and spoken communications. In 1993, she won the PAN SE Asian Toastmasters' Speech Competition and has added presentation skills and speech training to her courses. She also conducts courses for the Institute of Public Relations.

Among Valerie's corporate lients are the Singapore National Employers' Federation, Creative Technology, Visa International, Singapore Technologies, GlaxoSmithkline, Nanyang Polytechnic and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.