Workplace well-being: Strategies For Preventing Burnout (NEW!)


Course introduction

This seminar is designed for employees and leaders seeking to better understand and prevent workplace burnout. It covers multidimensional aspects of work and well-being, offering evidence-based techniques to better manage your physical and mental state, as well as best practices to improve occupational well-being in your company.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the concept of a burnout, and recognise the first signs of it
• Recognize the main reasons for workplace burnout
• Understand the Stress Cycle, and its physical and mental impact
• Learn about the pillars of well-being that help prevent burnout

Target Audience

• Those in leadership positions
• Those in the helping professions
• Anyone with an unmanageable workload
• Those lacking recovery skills
• Those at higher risk (perfectionists and high achiever, Type A personality individuals, undergoing difficult life circumstances, individuals with low self-esteem, empaths)

Course Outline

1. Burnout 101
a) Learn to identify first signs of burnout
b) Explore the primary reasons for workplace burnout
c) Review assessment tools used to measure burnout levels in the teams

2. Understanding stress, recovery and well-being
a) Understand the science of stress and its impact on physical and mental well-being
b) Investigate the most common workplace stressors
c) Learn how to manage your stress response, recover and build resilience

3. Pillars of burnout prevention
a) Understand the concept of occupational well-being and its link to employee burnout
b) Learn how physical, social and mental well-being help prevent burnout
c) Discussion on how to create and maintain a thriving culture at work

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Aksinia Mueller

Aksinia is an accomplished Human Sustainability Expert, Lecturer, dedicated Researcher, and experienced Burnout Coach. With over a decade of experience in Business, Organisational Psychology and Organisational Behaviour, Aksinia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her endeavours. Currently pursuing her Doctoral of Business Administration at Bocconi University, her academic research evolves around burnout prevention, workplace boredom and occupational well-being, complementing her extensive professional background. Over 15 years in Human Resources Management, a decade in Corporate Training, and a robust research tenure showcase her commitment to fostering sustainable success for individuals and organisations.

Aksinia holds an MBA from IMD, Switzerland, a Master's in Finance from Harvard University, USA, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, Canada.