Mind Mapping: A Shortcut to Improving Your Performance at Work (NEW!)


Course introduction

Have you ever wondered why some people think faster, show more creativity, and have a good memory?
These people are more confident and they achieve their goals without much difficulty.
Now you have the opportunity to train your brain. Learn Mind Mapping – one of the world’s most powerful thinking skills – and start making your life and career more successful.
Mind Mapping is a great technique that will improve your thinking skills and memory. Your brain has the ability to learn and remember large amounts of information. It works by linking ideas together.
This workshop will show you how to use Mind Mapping techniques to boost your productivity. It will give you the knowledge and tools to become a more effective manager.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, the participants will be able to;

  • Think more effectively
  • Increase their concentration
  • Achieve a higher level of creativity
  • Get a clearer organisation of thoughts
  • Enhance their memory
  • Boost their productivity
  • Work effectively in many business applications

Target Audience

Managers, executives and business professionals who want to improve their thinking skills and personal productivity to become more successful in their careers.

Course Outline

What you will learn in this one-day workshop:

  • Understand how your brain works
  • The Left Brain Right Brain Hemispheres
  • How the brain functions by linking and associating information
  • How to draw Mind Maps
  • Business Applications:
    • Memory: How to improve your memory with a mind map
    • Creative writing: How mind maps can help you write creative stories and articles
    • Report writing: Write more focused reports using a mind map
    • Planning: How to draw up a plan with a mind map
    • Decision making: How to make decisions using a mind map
    • Making notes: How to use mind maps to make notes and summaries
    • Brainstorming: Get more ideas with mind maps

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Wong Peng Wai

Wong Peng Wai is the first person in Asia to be certified to teach Mind Mapping techniques by Buzan Centre (UK). A certified ThinkBuzan Instructor, Peng Wai has conducted more than 1,000 workshops on mind mapping, memory skills, speed-reading and systematic innovation in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.

Companies he has taught include AIA Insurance, Central Provident Fund Board, DBS Bank (Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong), GIC Pte Ltd, Glaxo Smith Kline, Housing and Development Board, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Keppel Shipyard, Land Transport Authority, National University of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Technologies.

With a M.B.A. and a B.Eng., Peng Wai is also a presentation skills coach, a certified trainer in systems thinking and systematic innovation.