Physical and Mental Care for the Elderly course


Course introduction

To ensure the well-being and happiness of your elderly wards, 3 “Hows ” need to be taken into consideration;
i) How do you address their needs and wants?
ii) How can you ensure that they stay healthy and happy?
iii) How do you ensure their comfort and safety?

Course Outline

Learning outcome #1
Communicate and understand the emotions, needs and requirements of the elderly

Learning outcome #2
Understand and maintain good personal hygiene for the elderly and eliminate biological waste hygienically

Learning outcome #3
Utilize the correct instruments to check and monitor the blood pressure and temperature of the elderly

Learning outcome #4
Identify suitable food types and learn how to use the right oral feeding techniques for the elderly

Learning outcome #5
Manage and care for elderly wards with mobility issues, including operating mobility equipment

Learning outcome #6
Apply appropriate medication techniques for elderly wards who have medical conditions

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Trainer.

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