Essential Culture Shifts for Workplace Transformation & Success


Course introduction

The reason why all your best methods and practices fail is not that they are poor plans and bad strategies. They fail because of the culture of your team or office. Culture is “how you do things here.” You will discover what is toxic, poisonous and lethal in your organisation. By intentionally changing how you think and how you behave, you can make culture shifts that will set your team or office to perform in a productive and winning manner. Most leaders do not know and do not possess the ability to make this critical culture shift. This workshop takes you through the transformative culture-changing process.

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Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Learn how to dissect the cultural make-up of your team or office
  • Discover the true state of the organisational culture 
  • Discern what is required to make transformational changes  
  • Avoid common mistakes that unfocused leaders get caught up in
  • Begin a journey of leading your team or office towards a healthy culture
  • Design and adopt the best cultural practices that enable you to perform to optimum potential

Target Audience

The Course is designed for 

  1. Team Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors who lead teams, departments and organisations
  2. Captains of sports and other competitive teams
  3. People who desire to realise their full leadership potential

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Vision vs Culture – Who will win?
  • How do you know if something is wrong?
  • What does an unhealthy culture look like?
  • Why is it difficult to change? What are the challenges?
  • Part 1 - How do you plan for culture change?
Day 2
  • Part 2 - How do you plan for culture change?
  • What is the process of change?
  • What are the aspects of healthy culture?
  • How do you maintain a transformed status?

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Ramylal Fernando

Ramylal Fernando is a licensed and certified John Maxwell Team member who is authorised to teach, train, and coach courses by the No.1 leadership and management expert John Maxwell. He is passionate about equipping and empowering leaders to become people of influence and he desires to impact and enable them to become people builders.

He has been in the people-management business for over thirty years. He has conducted training and coached people in the areas of Leadership, Communication and Personal Growth.

Besides John Maxwell, he is also certified under Focus on the Family Connect2, and holds certification from The Haggai Institute of Leadership and Equipping Ministries International, USA. Ramylal has coached many emerging young leaders and have mentored hundreds to be effective in their own fields of expertise.