SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SSF) (Synchronous e-learning)


Course introduction

This Course allows individuals to engage in various Social Media platforms, tools and their operation, whereby participants will learn how basic advertising and marketing works more efficiently. This course is perfect for little or no experience in the marketing industry as well as for individuals who are planning for their own enterprise. We emphasise strongly on quality class standards and we ensure that our participants learn the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing during the classes. Besides advertising platforms, participants will touch on their innovation to generate their own brochure and posters, seek and evaluate innovative marketing opportunities and evaluate the use of new social media technologies. (WSQ Certification)


Course Outline

Basics of Social Media Marketing,
Social Media Monitoring and Responding Strategies,
Social Media Channel Promotion (Facebook, Instagram and Others)

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Trainer.

All our trainers are certified and have years of industry experience. They are also approachable and supportive of the learners.