Get up to $1,200 Monthly Training Allowance! Become an AI Developer in just 6 months. 


Course introduction

This is an SGUnited Skills programme in AI where you could get a $1.2k training allowance per month* while undergoing a 6 months full-time training. Job assistance available. 

Course Benefits

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme aims to equip you with machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and natural language processing (NLP) among many other skills.
You could get a $1.2k training allowance per month* while undergoing the programme. Job assistance available.

Acquire Artificial Intelligence Skills
Learn Python Machine Learning programming, statistical modelling, Azure Machine Learning models in JupyterNotebook, Deep Learning and Natural Language processing(NLP) to define the next generation of Artificial Intelligent solutions and making inferences from knowledge .

Online Synchronous Sessions
We deliver online synchronous sessions through a combination of instructor-led flipped classes and personalised mentoring sessions with industry practitioners to greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring knowledge and skills despite the remote learning situation.

Job Placement Assistance
We will assist you in getting hired with more than 50 hiring employers working with us.

SGUS Funding
Eligible Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents can receive course subsidy and training allowance* under the SGUnited Skills Programme ().
*Terms and conditions apply.

Course Pre-Requisites

At least 1 GCE 'A'/'H2' Level pass or equivalent (General) with min. 2 years of programming or system management experience

Target Audience

PMETs who want to acquire skills to develop intelligent applications to assume AI Developer job roles

Course Outline

NICF-Introduction to Python and AI for Data Science (SF)(CRS-Q-0038489-ICT)

  • Extract, Clean and Transform Data
  • Create Data Models using the transformed data
  • Develop Simple Python application
  • Use functions in Python
  • Import packages in Python
  • Debug Code to resolve errors in application developed using Python Programming Language
  • Utilize and apply statistical algorithm
  • Create and customize plots on real data

NICF-Applied Machine Learning (SF) (CRS-Q-0038488-ICT)
  • Develop regression model and classification model
  • Improve Machine Learning models
  • Clean and Validate date using Azure Machine Learning
  • Use optimization based models
  • Apply process in Research and methods of Providing data
  • Perform planning for regression model and classification model
  • Apply Research claims

NICF-Advanced techniques in Data Analytics (SF) (CRS-Q-0038610-ICT)
  • Apply System equations and Quadratic equations
  • Perform sampling distribution
  • Apply Hypothesis testing
  • Apply Probability
  • Implement IRAC method to identify legal issue
  • Apply Classification algorithm to predict recidivism

NICF-Deep Learning Foundations (SF) (CRS-Q-0038487-ICT)
  • Apply Deep Learning Concepts
  • Develop Multi class classification model using Logistic Regression
  • Improve Machine Learning models
  • Use Convolution Neural Network
  • Apply Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
  • Perform Text Classification with RNN and LSTM
NICF-Reinforcement Learning Foundations (SF) (CRS-Q-0038486-ICT)
  • Reflect trends and correlations of data using RL concepts
  • Develop news recommendations using RL concepts
  • Identify data sources to apply RL concepts in Minecraft game
  • Perform data exploration in optimal way
  • Apply and implement project Malmo a platform for AI experimentation
NICF-Develop Applied AI Solutions (SF) (CRS-Q-0038485-ICT)
  • Apply Functions and Methods in NLP
  • Evaluate algorithms to apply in NLP
  • Evaluate computational methods to apply in NLP
  • Implement Models for NLP
  • Implement Capstone Project
  • Implement solutions to address the problem through appropriate control procedures
  • Propose solutions to prevent future occurrences of similar problems
  • Document information about problems and the appropriate workarounds and resolutions

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

ACTA Certified and Industry Practitioner

All our trainers are WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified and industry practitioner who can impart real-world experience through actual work examples or case studies.