Transformation through Digitalisation


Course introduction

Digital Transformation is not about technology; it is a strategy for the future of the organisation that encompasses people, process, data and service excellence. There is a significant difference between digitisation, digital transformation and disruption.

This 1-day programme will cover fundamental topics like digital trends and changing digital requirements. These functional and useful apps will boost productivity, discerning what constitutes fake news, guarding the interest of your company against data breaches and cybersecurity as well as basics in social media and digital marketing.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Differentiating digitisation, digital transformation and disruption.
  • Understand the work trends and job requirements of the future
  • Leveraging prevailing technology for disruption
  • Utilising Data for Decision Making
  • Master Personal Productivity Tools

Course Outline

Module 1: Digital Transformation - How to surf the wave with ease
Module 2: Anatomy of the Jobs and Customers of the Future

  • Understand the work trends and job requirements of the future
Module 3: Emerging High-Technology (Part 1)
  • Navigate through technology affecting in your daily life
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • National Language Processing
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Cybersecurity
Module 4: Exploring General Apps for Productivity
  • Navigate through popular and useful apps in your daily life
  • Google Suite
  • Office 365
Module 5: Data Analytics
  • Volume of Data
  • Velocity of Data
  • Variety of Data
  • Veracity of Data
  • Value of Data
Module 6: Google Tools for Data Analysis

  • Presentation and discussion

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow is known to be pragmatic, visionary, competitive, intuitive and giving. While he is a successful social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore, he is also the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books: Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247.

Andrew is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), spoken in over 20 countries within 7 years and addressed more than 100,000 people on Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Enneagram, Public Relations, and Branding.

Andrew’s career of 30 years; has seen him work with an array of clients including AXA Insurance, Abbot Medical Optics, Singtel and Sony Pictures, M1, Starhub, and Sennheiser.

Andrew had more than 400 interviews and features about him or his business since 2005 from more than 40 local and regional media.

He is listed as the Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore in 2013 by the Singapore Business Review. He won the Spirit of Enterprise in 2008 and the Successful Entrepreneur in 2010. Before he served as the President of the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS), he also won the coveted Spirit of Service Award from the Industry.