Network Security Fundamentals (NSF)

Kaplan Singapore

Course introduction

Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand key issues related to network security
  • Learn the fundamentals of networks and various components of the OSI and TCP/IP model
  • Master the various network security protocols
  • Master identification, authentication and authorisation concepts
  • Decode the types of information security threats and attacks, and their countermeasures
  • Learn the fundamentals of IDS, general indications of intrusion, and types of IDS
  • Learn the fundamentals of firewall and firewall technologies such as Bastion Host, DMZ, Proxy Servers, Network Address Translation, and Virtual Private Network
  • Understand all data backup techniques and VPN security
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of wireless network

Course Pre-Requisites

Minimum at Age: 16 years old

Target Audience

The Network Security Fundamentals course is designed for anyone looking to enhance their skills and build a career in information security and network security.

Course Outline

Mode of training: Classroom

Duration: 2 days | 16 hours total class time

Course Structure:

Module 1: Networking Fundamentals
Module 2: Secure Network Protocols
Module 3: Authentication
Module 4: Network Attacks
Module 5: Introduction to Intrusion Detection System
Module 6: Introduction to Firewalls
Module 7: Bastion Hosts and DMZ
Module 8: Proxy Servers
Module 9: Virtual Private Network
Module 10: Introduction to Wireless Network Security
Module 11: Data Backup

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Kaplan reserves the right to change trainer, in light of unforeseen circumstances.