DevOps Advanced

Kaplan Singapore

Course introduction

Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand core concepts of DevOps
  • Create and manage repositories on Github
  • Install and configure Jenkins Master Node
  • Install and configure Jenkins Slave Node
  • Create a pipeline job to automate git clone, maven package
  • Add web app deployment on tomcat7 server to pipeline
  • Integrate SonarQube and sonar static code analysis in pipeline job
  • Integrate Nexus and Archive artifacts in pipeline job
  • Understand Docker and perform Docker Operations
  • Integrate Jenkins with Docker in CI/CD pipeline
  • Learn Ansible automation of web infrastructure, user and group creation

Course Pre-Requisites

Minimum at Age: 16 years old

Academic Level:
At least one programming knowledge (academic or work experience) of either Java, Python or Go OR
Background in software developers, software architects or related areas

Target Audience

Software developers
Software test engineer
Software release engineer
Software project manager
Software architects

Course Outline

Mode of training: In Classroom

Duration: 5 days depending on corporate customisation

Course Structure:

Module 1: DevOps Big Picture (Theory only)
Module 2: DevOps In Action (Hands on Lab by students)
Module 3: Course overview
Module 4: Docker
Module 5: Docker on Linux
Module 6: Containers on Ubuntu Docker Host
Module 7: Docker Images
Module 8: Docker Volumes
Module 9: Ansible Big Picture (Theory only)
Module 10: Ansible management server deployment (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 11: Ansible node server deployment (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 12: Ansible HTTPD Playbook for RHEL node (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 13: Ansible Apache2 Playbook for Ubuntu Node (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 14: Ansible Windows 2016 server node deployment (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 15: Playbook for windows 2016 node (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 16: Kubernetes (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 17: Jenkins with Kubernetes integration (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 18: Jenkins with Ansible integration (Hands-on lab by students)

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Kaplan reserves the right to change trainer, in light of unforeseen circumstances.