Public Cloud Solution Architect Workshop

Kaplan Singapore

Course introduction

Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand core concepts of AWS Cloud
  • Architect AWS cloud from cost, performance, and cost optimisation perspective
  • Gain rich hands-on labs to understand concepts better
  • Understand and create VPC
  • Able to deploy and operate EC2, EBS and ELB service
  • Able to create IAM users, groups, policies and roles
  • Deploy web app and connect to RDS

Course Pre-Requisites

Minimum at Age: 16 years old

Academic Level: Basic Linux commands like working with files and directories are desired

Target Audience

Anyone who is keen to perform a solution architect role

Course Outline

Course Structure:

Module 1: User Sign Up
Module 2: AWS Big Picture – 10000 feet overview
Module 3: Amazon EC2 – Win Server 2012 (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 4: Amazon EC2 – Security Groups (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 5: Amazon Elastic Block Store (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 6: Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 7: AWS Route53
Module 8: AWS S3 (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 9: Amazon EC2 and EBS system operations (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 10: Auto Scaling and Bootstrapping (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 11: AWS S3 (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 12: AWS-IAM (Identity and Access Management)
Module 13: AWS CloudFront (Live demo by instructor)
Module 14: AWS other storage options (Theory only)
Module 15: Add on services and points to know (Theory only)
Module 16: AWS web app and RDS (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 17: Other database options (Theory only)
Module 18: Well-Architected Framework
Module 19: AWS Cloud Formation (Hands-on lab by students)
Module 20: AWS-Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Module 21: App services (Theory only)
Module 22: Whitepaper overview – Must read whitepapers for students
Module 23: AWS route 53 (Live demo by instructor )
Module 24: AWS Migration

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Kaplan reserves the right to change trainer, in light of unforeseen circumstances.