Big Data Analytics using Spark and Databricks

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Course introduction

Big Data has evolved over the last few years and has become mainstream for many big organisations. This entry-level course is a gateway to the Data Scientist/Analytics career pathways, which are roles in great demand as Singapore is experiencing a shortage of these professionals. It covers the fundaments of Big Data using PySpark. “Spark” being a “fast cluster computing framework” for Big Data Processing that lets you run programmes and operations at up to 100 times faster in memory.

Course Benefits

Course Objectives

You will be exposed to various libraries in PySpark for Data Processing and Machine Learning and have the chance to work with various datasets through guided hands-on training. At the end of this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of PySpark and its application to general Big Data analysis. This workshop will be conducted using a tool called Databricks, which is used to run big data loads on Spark.

Course Pre-Requisites


  • Minimum age: 16 years old
  • An understanding of the basics of programming
  • Knowledge of basic PC skills
  • A basic proficiency in reading, writing and understanding English

Target Audience

Who Should Attend
Existing, graduating and graduated Master’s/Degree/Diploma students as well as anyone interested in coding.

Course Outline

Mode of training: Classroom

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)

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Course Structure:
Module 1: Introduction to Big Data and Databricks
Module 2: Introduction to Big Data Analysis using PySpark
Module 3: Programming in PySpark
Module 4: PySpark SQL & Dataframes
Module 5: Machine Learning with PySpark
Module 6: Streaming Analytics
Module 7: Practice & Extra Workshops

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Aditya is a tech enthusiast with more than 6 years of experience across various technologies in data science, machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. He has worked across various domains including automotive, banking, retail among others. He is a true believer of ‘You got to see it work to know it works’ and sets goals towards achieving the same in any of the endeavours he undertakes. Being highly inclined towards tech, he founded Xaltius Pte. Ltd in Singapore which has a major focus on building AI and AR based products for various sectors. He also founded Code For India which specializes in delivering top notch skills in Data Science and AI as required in the industry today. He also loves to teach students and professionals Data Science and AI and does that regularly in Singapore.

Kaplan reserves the right to change trainer, in light of unforeseen circumstances.