Professional Certificate in Helping Relationships

Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course introduction

This course provides an effective approach in the art and science of counselling and helping psychologically. Instead of depending on mere goodwill and the often misled approach of commonsense, psychological counselling utilizes practical insights, skills and therapeutic alliance to facilitate wellness for life.

Course Benefits

1. To provide an overview of the understanding of psychological counselling and support through a systematic study
2. Outline and explain how the various common stresses of life impact functioning
3. Diagnose the underlying causes and systems involving in making challenges difficult to resolve and manage
4. Apply the knowledge and skills to facilitate growth and development of counselees

Course Outline

  • The Power of Basics: Explore the Ingredients of Successful Helping
  • Review the Problem -Management& Opportunity – Development Process
  • Commit Yourself to the Helping Relationship and the Values That Drive It
  • Therapeutic Presence: Tune In to Clients and Listen Carefully
  • Empathic Responding: Work at Mutual Understanding
  • Master the Arts of Probing and Summarizing
  • Help Clients Challenge Themselves: From New Perspectives to New Behavior
  • The Action Arrow: Right from the Beginning Help Clients Turn Talk to Life-Enhancing Action
  • The Three Tasks of Stage I: Help Clients Tell the Story, the Real Story, and the Right Story
  • Stage II: Help Clients Design and Set Problem-Managing Goals
  • Stage III: Planning Help Clients Design the Way Forward

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Our Lecturers

All our lecturers are selected based on their subject expertise, experience and dedication. They are required to possess at least a Masters in their subject expertise. With their years of work experience, they will also be able to illustrate topics in class with real world examples. We are committed to provide a high standard of service by promoting an environment conductive to student learning through a low student-teacher ratio of 30:1. Currently, we have 50 adjunct lecturers. A brief profile of some of our lecturers is given below.

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