Professional Certificate in Stress Management

Arium School of Arts & Sciences

Course introduction

This course presents a positive, proactive, evidence-based approach to stress not as an ordeal to survive but as an opportunity to thrive. It explores the different dimensions of stress and its negative effects. At the same time, it emphasizes that stress can be an opportunity for learning and growth that enable individuals to thrive – that is, to function at a higher level both psychologically and physically. Most importantly, students will be able to develop their own personal stress management toolkit and apply in real life situations.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Stress
  • Stress and Your Body
  • Stress and Your Mind
  • Stress on Campus
  • Your Personal Environment, Time and Money
  • Relationships, Social Health, and Stress
  • Personal Change
  • Psychological Approaches
  • Stress-Resistant Health Habits
  • Spirituality, Life Balance, and Resilience
  • Occupational & Environmental Stress
  • Breathing, Relaxation, and Guided Imagery
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self-hypnosis
  • Physical Techniques
  • Complementary, Alternative, and Creative Therapies

Available Course Sessions

Course Date, Time Reg. Closes On
1 05 May' 20 to 14 Jul' 20, 6.45pm to 9.15pm 28 Apr' 20 Register Now

Trainer Profile

Our Lecturers

All our lecturers are selected based on their subject expertise, experience and dedication. They are required to possess at least a Masters in their subject expertise. With their years of work experience, they will also be able to illustrate topics in class with real world examples. We are committed to provide a high standard of service by promoting an environment conductive to student learning through a low student-teacher ratio of 30:1. Currently, we have 50 adjunct lecturers. A brief profile of some of our lecturers is given below.

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