WSQ Perform Work in Confined Space Operation (PWCSO, formerly MOM SOCMH)

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Course introduction

A Manhole Worker, when appointed by the Principal or Employer of a workplace, will play the role of either an entrant or an attendant.

The entrant has the responsibility to:
i) coordinate with the attendant, supervisor and manhole safety assessor to ensure safe entry in and egress from the manhole,
ii) assess the working conditions in the manhole and evacuate when it is unsafe to work,
iii) only carry out prescribed work activities, for allowed durations, as approved on the entry permit.

The attendant has the responsibility to :
i) coordinate with the entrant, supervisor and manhole safety assessor to ensure entrants safe entry in and egress from the manhole,
ii) prevent unauthorized entry into the manhole,
iii) maintain regular visual and/or verbal contact with the entrants
iv) assess the working conditions in the manhole and alert the entrants to evacuate when the manhole is unsafe to work in,
v) alert the rescue personnel to activate the rescue operation.

Course Outline

  1. Legislation and Code of Practice on confined space work
  2. Duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work
  3. Manhole hazards Part A- Atmospheric Hazard
  4. Manhole hazards Part B Physical and Biological Hazards
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Confined Space Entry Permit System
  7. Prevention and Control of Manhole Hazards
  8. Use and Limitations of Gas Detection Instruments
  9. Selection, use, fit and maintenance of personal protective equipment use for work in manholes
  10. Accident Case Studies of Accidents in Manholes
  11. Communication and Emergency Response Plan
  12. Examination

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Trainer Profile

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