WSQ Conduct Interviews And Make Hiring Decisions (SSF)

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Course introduction

This course aims to equip learners with the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and conduct interviews. 
It covers planning and conducting the interview as well as making a hiring decision.

Course Outline

  • Planning interview
  1. Prepare selection criteria and materials to be used at interview
  2. Shortlist candidates
  3. Prepare selection methods and materials to ensure a fair and consistent approach is adopted for all candidates
  • Conducting interview
  1. Communicate relevant information of the job to the job applicant and clarify any queries they may have about the position, organisation or interview process
  2. Apply the appropriate interviewing techniques to gather information to ascertain applicant’s suitability
  3. Control the interview process so that the interview agenda may be completed on time
  • Making hiring decision
  1. Evaluate data gathered at interview to select the preferred candidate
  2. Conduct reference/document checks on candidates
  3. Confirm  selection of candidate with hiring manager
  4. Prepare package to provide offer to preferred candidate
  5. Inform candidates of selection decision.

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Certified Trainer

WSQ Certified Trainer by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)