WSQ Manage Food And Beverage Operations (SSF)

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Course introduction

This module covers the entire spectrum of F&B operations management – understanding the distinct operational characteristics of various F&B concepts, recruiting and grooming your team, developing cost-efficient duty rosters, managing the entire day-to-day store operations without a hitch, making profitable purchasing decisions all the way to developing and maintaining a PROFIT-driven F&B operating budget.  
By the end of this module, you will have acquired the ability to manage the entire day-to-day store operations in F&B establishments with confidence and finesse.

Course Outline

  • Apply knowledge of various food & beverage concepts
  • Apply employee scheduling practices to match business demands
  • Manage opening, operating and closing procedures
  • Administer purchasing and inventory systems
  • Hire, interview and train staff
  • Develop food and beverage operating budget

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Certified Trainer

WSQ Certified Trainer by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)