Demystifying Auditing - Making Sense of a Financial Statement Audit

Malvern International Academy Pte Ltd

Course introduction

This course aims to enchance the layman's understanding and appericiation of a financial statement audit and its process. It is non-technical, foundtion level course intended for those whose work involve dealing with the external auditors as well as those who seek a better understanding of the audit process with the objective of improving the efficiency of the audit process with their external auditors.

Target Audience

Accounting and finance professionals, especially those involve in dealing with the external auditor

  • Business owners and management staff
  • Investors

Course Outline

Part 1

  • Understand the nature of a financial statement audit
  • Differentiate between auditing, assurance and accounting
  • Understand the circumstances when a financial statement audit will be useful even though it is not complusory
Part 2
  • Understand the fundamental concepts and basic process form start to completion, including the phases in which the financial statement audit is carried out
  • Gain insight into how the audit team is organised and how the audit is shaped by the characteristics of business entities.
Part 3
  • Familarise with the responsiblities of management and the auditors
  • Identify the underlying assertions made by the management in the financial statements and accounting information
  • Understand how these assertions are audited
Part 4 Key Takeaways
  • A clear understanding of the financial statement audit and its process
  • How to make the audit process more efficient and cost-effective for both the business entity and the auditor
  • How to decide whether to invest in a financial statement audit

Available Course Sessions

Course Date, Time Reg. Closes On
1 23 Nov' 19, 9.00am to 5.00pm 20 Nov' 19 Register Now
2 09 Dec' 19, 9.00am to 5.00pm 04 Dec' 19 Register Now
3 16 Dec' 19, 9.00am to 5.00pm 13 Dec' 19 Register Now

Trainer Profile

Ms Ooi Siew Linn, Celine

Ms Ooi has over 20 years of experience in auditing, accounting, financial reporting, risk and compliance, corporate finance and corporate advisory. She was a partner one of the largest public accounting firm in Singapore specialising in providing corporate advisory services and solutions to entrepreneurs, listed companies, individual investors and institutional investors. Her areas of expertise and experience included acquisition due diligence, transaction advisory, mergers and acquisition, raising finance, corporate financial planning, and business restructuring and corporate recovery. She is a trainer and develops materials for the university's auditing course, which resulted in the publication of an e-study guide, complete with video recordings, chunk lectures, interactive quizzes and classroom activities.