Dynamic Selling Skills


Course introduction

The ability to sell effectively has been a much sought-after and essential skill in modern organisations and the commercial world. This is especially so in the context of professional organisations where it utilises its staff to reach out to prospective customers.
People-to-people interaction is thus a vital factor to fulfil the organisation’s objectives; however, difficulties may occur during communication and the sales process. Developing selling skills will give the staff much more confidence and higher productivity because they can communicate clearly and convince well, selling the respective products and services. As such, the utilization of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology becomes a powerful advantage for effective selling as well as professional satisfaction.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Analyse the thinking, behavior and language patterns of the customers
  • Understand the Sales Communication Process and communicate to sell effectively
  • Utilise various Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques for selling
  • Systematically work out dynamic sales strategies for powerful impact and appeal
  • Show understanding to customers, question and speak convincingly to them
  • Create instant rapport with prospects for ease of selling 
  • Handle challenges and objections effectively, professionally and maintain respect
  • Present a positive impression, dynamic and magnetic personality for effectiveness.
  • Be convincing and make rational sales decisions in the face of pressure
  • Receive greater attention and control over the selling process for overall success

Target Audience

Businessman, General Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Customer Service Managers, Sales and Marketing Executives, Retailers.
Suitable for participants who are committed to improving their sales results.

Course Outline

  1. The Power Principles of Selling 
  2. Selling in the context of Features and Benefits
  3. How to Organise Sales Information in Ways that Engage Customers
  4. Knowing the Sales Communication Buyers and Sellers Process
  5. Designing the Anatomy of Selling: The Vital Framework of Sales
  6. Sensory Systems and Sensory Acuity Development
  7. Identifying Suitable Customers and Their Internal Process Systems
  8. Understanding Customers and their Communication Patterns for Sales
  9. Power Attention grabbers that Give You the Great Sales Advantage
  10. Sales Language Patterns: Secrets to Instantly Sell Faster and Sell More
  11. Subliminal Selling: Why It Truly Makes The HUGE Difference in Your Sales
  12. Utilising Words, Voice and Body Language to Improve Buying Impressively
  13. Handling Objections and How To Smartly Turn Them into Opportunities
  14. Asking Rights Questions and Managing Tough Questions 
  15. Rapport Building for Enhanced Results
  16. Developing Powerful Sales Closing Techniques

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Wekie is an established regional Trainer, a sough-after Speaker, a published author as well as a Professional Excellence Consultant. He takes immense interest in the various aspects of human development and the dynamism of its interaction process. He also brings with him more than 21 years of experience in conducting numerous talks, training workshops and keynote speeches for hundreds of multi-national corporations, government agencies,organisations, and schools on a myriad of professional development and life skills. He has trained and spoken to hundreds of organisations and over 100,000 individuals in his seminars, workshops and coaching throughout Singapore, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and other regions.

He is a Bilingual Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, Master Practitioner and Design Human Engineer. Wekie is also a Graduate and Practitioner in Mind Mastery and an American Management Association Certified Trainer. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Public Speaking Contests winner and has served as Division Governor in addition to receiving various awards. Wekie is also regularly featured and interviewed by the media such as The New Paper, LianHe ZaoBao, The Straits Times, LianHe WanBao, Radio 95.8FM and 97.2FM and is fluent in Mandarin.