Effective Sales Force Management that Delivers Results


Course introduction

The face of any organisation is the sales force. How the sales force thrived in the competitive market can determine the success or demise of the business. It is not unusual that companies spend a significant amount of time and money on recruiting and managing an efficient sales force. Despite the effort, it is not always so easy to ensure that the sales force can consistently deliver results and overcome the challenging situation in the sales environment.
This program is structured to ensure participants learn the techniques and proven methodologies to manage a sales force effectively. It will also empower the participants to confidently lead a sales team to optimise results in the long term.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Have an fundamental overview of managing a sales force effectively
  • Acquire proven techniques, tools and tactics to apply in the sales team management strategy
  • Able to confidently lead an effective sales team using the knowledge obtain from this course
  • Able to structure a concise framework to efficiently communicate, control and measure sales performance to deliver positive results

Target Audience

This workshop will benefit Senior Executives and Managers who primary goal is to manage the sales force effectively to achieve sales results. It is also suited for those that aspire to manage a sales force in their future career. 

Course Outline

  1. The role of a sales leader
  2. What does sales force management really mean?
  3. What do sales people want from their leaders?
  4. Defining roles and territories
  5. Sales territory management and alignment
  6. Determining the size of the sales force
  7. How to structure a sales force to be efficient
  8. Designing a sales force for strategic advantage
  9. How to recruit the right sales team
  10. Evaluating the appropriate training techniques to train the sales force 
  11. Conducting a training needs analysis
  12. How to be an effective sales coach
  13. GROW model for coaching
  14. Sales management vs sales leadership
  15. Effective team sales leadership
  16. Devising the right sale compensation plan
  17. Creative ways to reward the sales force
  18. Developing an incentive scheme for the sales force
  19. How to equip the sales team in customer understanding
  20. Sales targeting tactics
  21. Leveraging on data and sales tools
  22. Utilising CRM tools 
  23. Sales forecasting
  24. Goal setting using SMART on customers
  25. Setting KPIs for the sales team 
  26. Performance measurement and tracking for the sale team 
  27. Coordination and control of workflow within the sales force
  28. Managing channel of internal and external communication
  29. Stakeholders mapping and understanding 
  30. Managing virtual sales team
  31. Managing difficult personalities within the team
  32. Handling culture considerations and diversity
  33. How to motivate the sales force to achieve consistently
  34. Managing expectations to excel

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Clement Ng

Clement Ng is an experienced “think out of the box” commercial trainer specialising in sales, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship. His wealth of experience was garnered from over 20 years of corporate leadership positions within major listed companies and multinationals. He has trained and mentored hundreds of executives and professionals in companies such as Mars/Masterfoods. Swarovski, Indesit Co, Hong Leong Asia, Groupe Seb. These companies owned global brands that shape the lives of many.

Clement was privileged to have worked across the Asia Pacific Region and spent a significant amount of time managing businesses across multicultural structures. He championed many initiatives and led numerous million dollar projects that resulted in “Best Practice” recognition.

He left his last role as a Regional Director of a global multinational to explore and fulfil his passion for training. He has a keen desire to share his broad commercial knowledge and practical know-how to impact learners and transform their work performances to achieve greater heights.

Clement graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business (Double Majors: Marketing & International Business) and achieved his MBA (Double Majors: International Marketing & Financial Management) from University of Western Australia. He was awarded the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by the Workforce Development Authority, Singapore and is also a certified Ministry of Education trainer. Throughout the course of his corporate career, he has also attained numerous certifications in Leadership, Category Management, Project Management, Pricing Strategy etc…