Smart Time Management


Course introduction

One of the greatest challenges in the workplace is managing time. Whether we work in the public or private sector, whether we run a small business or large corporation, we are constantly faced with the challenge of maximising our time in order to achieve our short and long term goals. This highly interactive workshop will provide participants with time management strategies and techniques They will also be introduced to planning tools to help them better plan and manage time, people, resources and avoid time wasting situations and habits. 

Course Pre-Requisites

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Understand how to prioritise tasks through planning and scheduling
  • Analyse our time use and focus on ways to maximise time usage
  • Identify time wasting habits and processes that can be eradicated
  • Learn useful techniques in managing interactions so as to maximise time

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors and staff at all levels of an organisation

Course Outline

  • Introduction and explaining time management
  • Rate your own time management skills (individual exercise)
  • Learning to prioritise (Time management tool)
  • Time maximising strategies
  • Pareto Analysis, ABC Analysis, Eisenhower box
  • Planning your time (Scheduling your day, week, month, year)
  • Leading time wasters, Overcoming procrastination
  • Managing time at meetings and conferences
  • Managing your work environment in order to save time
  • Negotiating for time 
  • Employing time saving devices

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

James Suresh

James Suresh is a trainer, PR consultant and author. The co-creator of Singapore’s comic icon ‘Mr. Kiasu’, He has co-written a series of comic books as well as authored books on his military experience. He develops comic strips for magazines and writes scripts for various media. His recent book entitled ‘On a Street in Singapore’ was featured in the Sunday Times’ bestseller list and was awarded the Reader’s choice award 2011.

James started his career as an army officer and eventually moved into education and public relations. Following his 15 year stint in the army, he set up a publishing and design company with some friends. After five years in the publishing business, James left to pursue his interest in training and PR Consulting. He conducts seminars and workshops on creative thinking, communication, motivation, anger and stress management in Singapore and the Asian region. James is also a certified EQ trainer and enjoys working with corporations, charity organizations, schools, youth groups and helping individuals to achieve their personal potential.