Workplace Diversity


Course introduction

The aim of this workshop is to enable organisations to better understand workplace diversity and how to manage it effectively to improve performance. This includes relationships, teamwork, productivity, market knowledge, community relationships, customer service and competitiveness. The workshop aims to address issues of cultural, racial and religious intolerance by promoting respect, fairness, inclusion and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Learn about workplace diversity in the workforce and the business case for managing workplace diversity
  • Identify and consider for their enterprises the actual and potential impacts and benefits of workplace diversity
  • Increase their understanding of culture and cross-cultural interactions
  • Develop their cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Conduct a diversity analysis of their business strategies and operations
  • Develop an action plan for managing workplace diversity in their businesses

Target Audience

For business owners and managers, to support them in recognising and encouraging cultural diversity in their workplace. For anyone who wants to cultivate a workforce that is cohesive and emphasises teamwork.

Course Outline


  • The Business Case for Managing Workplace Diversity
  • Understanding Diversity Management
  • Diversity Management: The Big Picture
  • The Industry Environment: Cultural Diversity and Business Challenges
  • The Business Case for Managing Cultural Diversity
  • Stages of Diversity Management
  • Developing Your Own Business Case for Managing Cultural Diversity
Cross Cultural Communication
  • Understanding Culture and Cultural Diversity
  • The 4 Basic Elements of Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Understanding the Process of Cultural Adaptation
  • Developing Organizational and Personal Cultural Competence
Managing Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Competencies for Managing Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Managing Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Skills for Building Trust and Communication
Factoring Cultural Diversity into Business Planning
  • An Integrated Framework for Diversity Management
  • Diversity Analysis Checklist Exercise: Project Analysis
  • Developing a Cultural Diversity Management Action Plan

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Ivan Phua

A self-motivated, engaging and experienced trainer, Ivan Phua is able to conceptualize and present contents captivatingly and professionally. His easy-going and relational style helps build rapport with participants and draws out key learning concepts. Capable in research and planning, he develops programs and workshops that meets the needs across various industries.

Ivan is creative and dynamic and he inspires clients to improve their current and future fulfilment and performance by increasing their ability to accomplish through changing their attitudes and habits and developing their skills and knowledge. He brings the best out of them and is able to make things relevant yet fun, refreshing yet applicable and keeps his audience engaged. He propels his workshops with highly interactive fun and humor to schools, Institutes of Higher Learning and organizations.

Prior to becoming a Corporate Trainer, Ivan held various management roles including Sales & Marketing, Operations and Services in different industries. His passion in people development helped him forged close relationships with his clients and provided valuable solutions and support to their challenges and led them to improve their competence and awareness.

Trained close to 1,000 staff from frontline, middle to senior management from various industries like F&B, Service, Retail, Education, Government, SMEs and MNCs on Presentation Skills, Teambuilding, Time Management, Customer Service, Leadership & Motivation, Stress Management, Interviewing Skills and Performance Management.