Understanding the Supply Chain Process and Planning


Course introduction

The aim of this module is to provide a better understanding of the overview of supply chains design and processes. This covers the importance of forecasting, inventory management and how to distribute products effectively and efficiently through the distribution centre.
Participants will be introduced to the supply chains performance metrics - How to apply and measure suppliers performance effectively and how to implement corrective actions in order to provide continuous improvement of the supply system.
This module also covers a basic perspective of the importance of proper planning and execution of project transportation.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to know;

  • The supply chain design and its processes 
  • How to apply and measure supplier performance
  • The benefits of forecasting and planning to improve inventory management and distribution cost
  • Basic marine insurance and claims procedure

Target Audience

  • Logistics, Operations and Warehouse personnel who are responsible in purchasing, planning and shipping of customer orders.
  • Sales, Marketing and Finance personnel are encouraged to attend to gain good logistics knowledge when preparing for their sales negotiation and distribution costs.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Supply Chains design and its processes
  • Understanding of Supply Chains performance metrics
  • Effective decision making on distribution channels
  • Why we need to outsource our operations and services
  • Importance of Forecasting and Planning
  • Basic contractual requirement and procedure
  • Overview of project transportation
  • Understanding of shipping insurance and claims procedure

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

David Phua

David Phua have been working in the Speciality Chemicals and Palm Oil MNC manufacturing industry moving cargoes from US and Europe manufacturing sites to distribute to customers in Asia Pacific through distribution centres and also move cargoes from South East Asia manufacturing sites to direct customers worldwide for more than 25 years.

Responsible for :

• Logistics management
• End to end Supply Chain management
• Order to Cash process management
• Handling of dangerous chemicals (shipping &storage )
• Warehouse & Inventory management
• Project management

As APAC Customer Service Manager, he hire, train and mentor a team of Customer Service executives in Singapore, China, Korea and Japan to process customer orders, shipping documents and execute delivery from our distribution centers using SAP system.

Obtain his Bachelor Degree in Transport and Logistics Management (RMIT). His passion also to train and mentor future Logistics professional, he continue to pursue to upgrade himself to be a qualified trainer and attained his ACTA ( IAL) .

In my many years as a Regional Head of Department for Logistics and Customer Service, he also learn and develop soft skills like leadership, creative thinking, communication skills, motivation and decision making.