Strategic Market Development

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Course introduction

Successful organisations understand the importance of strategic positioning, and how accessing new markets will allow them to broaden their reach and increase potential to sell to more customers. Strategic Market Development is a highly participative 3-day training course that will equip participants with the tools required to accurately assess and identify market development opportunities.

Course Outline

  • Understand the link between diffusion theory and the product life-cycle – what are the different stages and how should your strategy differ?
  • Understand the principles of competition using Porter's Five Forces Model to evaluate the competitive attractiveness of a market.
  • Not all customers are created equal. Who are the "ideal customers" for your organisation and why? Using a customer segmentation matrix to define ideal customers.
  • Sales Planning 101 – how to manage a sales platform, identify key accounts and prioritise sales opportunities. Where should resources be allocated and why?
  • Developing regional interfaces with cross border customers. Mapping the right resources to the right stakeholders.
  • Understand different market entry strategies, how to enter and grow market share. Which Blue or Red oceans to enter and why?
  • Enter competitive markets by applying Lanchester Strategy – one of the better methods in determining market entry for business.
  • Put strategies, plans and tactics into action and demonstrate how to develop a winning market development strategy.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Jim Livingstone

Jim Livingstone is a highly energetic and sought-after public speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach. With a passion for customer service, sales and leadership development, Jim has worked with some of the biggest and best service and sales organisations in the world to recognise and develop these areas. Jim believes that customer service, sales and leadership are interdependent competencies. If you want to be a successful sales/service organisation, you can't have one without the other two contributing elements.

With a career that started in retail, Jim has over 25 years experience developing high-performance people, and has held a variety of senior management, sales, business development and marketing related positions. Jim believes that training is critical to developing potential, and that when expertly designed and delivered, can power business performance and corporate growth.

He has developed and delivered training solutions for numerous world-class organisations, including AT&T, Bata Brands, Cable & Wireless, Fairfax Business Media, Jurong Port, StarHub, Sheraton Group, ST Engineering and the ST Group to name but a few.