Power Words & Phrases That Sell, Influence And Convince

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

In this course, you will get an extensive treasure chest of "power words", plus numerous practical examples of how you can use them in real-world selling situations - and in-turn, have you become a highly-influential ‘one person sales force’ who have your way with words.

Course Outline

  • Learn words and sentences that emotionally appeal to human needs (PLUS: get exposed to words and phrases you use to heighten customers’ tendency to make purchases)
  • How to increase the value of the product/service you are selling by adding in 'strong impactful phrases'
  • Phrases that let you gain rapport and connect with potential clients quickly (as well as rapport-erasing phrases to avoid)
  • One hardly-used word that persuasive sales professionals use to cause an increase of an extra 30% agreement in potential customers
  • The words to use to motivate and trigger cautious or skeptical customers & clients to act immediately
  • How to be persuasive over text or typed mediums such as emails (learn the words/phrases to type in an email to get the customer's attention...and get them to respond with interest)
  • Transform cold calls into “gold” calls: The exact sentences/scripts that turn first-time phonecalls into eventual secured appointments and successful deals
  • How to boost cooperation with clients using 'collaboration-forming' words
  • "Scripts of success": What successful sales professionals always say to get their ideas and proposals accepted by clients
  • Examples of real-world cases where re-naming a word or title in a sales promotion causes multiple-fold positive results for companies
  • The one sentence that brings about 33% increase of trust in potential customers and clients
  • How to stimulate in your customers the “got to buy it now” emotions - using only words

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Trainer Profile

Tylus Lim

Tylus Lim has advised and helped sharpened the marketing campaigns/materials for companies spanning over 20 different industries. An obsessed marketing enthusiast, he spent over 14 years learning, real-life testing and applying just about every marketing method and idea known to man. These vast experiences had in turn helped to uncover what truly and repeatedly works in marketing.

Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He manages and oversees the marketing efforts of his businesses by actively using real-life marketing strategies to generate growth and profitability.

In the online aspect, he has created numerous web ads and copies for different niches and businesses. Some of Tylus' clientele include Singapore Armed Forces, People's Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Nanyang Polytechnic, Star Cruises, MCYS etc.

Tylus holds a Bachelor in Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he earned a certificate of distinction with specialisation in Marketing.