Neuro-Marketing Secrets: Trigger 'Buy Mode' In Your Customer’s Brain

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

In the past 10 years, new discoveries in the human brain have led to a deeper understanding of what stimulates people to buy. These discoveries went on to become a field called – Neuro-marketing. In this workshop, learn the latest Neuro-marketing secrets to fuse your marketing material with elements that appeal to the customers’ brains… triggering them to want your product/service more and make a faster buying decision as a result.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • What are the invisible brain persuaders used in advertising
  • How to create desired positive perceptions in people within the first 2 seconds of them seeing your offer
  • Neuro pricing strategies: how to get a customer’s brain to think your offer is a good deal (even if it may be highly-priced)
  • Secrets of triggering emotions using carefully crafted marketing words (plus: discover the emotions that make a purchase possible)
  • How to appeal to the human senses and increase the potential client’s desire to buy
  • Ways to grab people’s attention with your promotion (there are thousands of marketing/promotional messages people come across daily, learn how to get yours into their minds)
  • Neuro-marketing strategies for male-oriented products/services and female-oriented products/services
  • How to speak directly to the customer’s brain and instill trust… even if they are skeptical or not so ready to trust
Day 2
  • Specific Neuro-marketing techniques for different marketing mediums: 
  1. Internet
  2. Print ads
  3. Face to face selling
  • Mind-tactics to create impulses in a potential customer – have him/her stop hesitating and make an immediate buying decision
  • Behavioral research discoveries about “loyalty” – how you can apply it to prevent customers from jumping ship to your competitors and instead have them stick to you for life
  • Secrets to craft an irresistible offer - the #1 way to have people feel those “I got to have it” emotions when they see your promotion
  • ‘Tying it all together’ Session: create & design your own marketing materials base around elements of Neuro-marketing

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Trainer Profile

Tylus Lim

Tylus Lim has advised and helped sharpened the marketing campaigns/materials for companies spanning over 20 different industries. An obsessed marketing enthusiast, he spent over 14 years learning, real-life testing and applying just about every marketing method and idea known to man. These vast experiences had in turn helped to uncover what truly and repeatedly works in marketing.

Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He manages and oversees the marketing efforts of his businesses by actively using real-life marketing strategies to generate growth and profitability.

In the online aspect, he has created numerous web ads and copies for different niches and businesses. Some of Tylus' clientele include Singapore Armed Forces, People's Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Nanyang Polytechnic, Star Cruises, MCYS etc.

Tylus holds a Bachelor in Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he earned a certificate of distinction with specialisation in Marketing.