HR Business Partnership – Working with your Leaders to Build Deeply Engaged Teams

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Through this light-hearted and interactive workshop based on the Engage & Grow Group Activation SystemTM, you will uncover and learn how you can work with business unit leaders to elevate their teams to becoming more engaged, fun and productive so as to have a positive impact on business outcomes.

Course Outline

  • Leader as opposed to manager.
  • How to use the Engage & Grow High-Performance Team Scorecard to assess the 9 areas that impact how deeply engaged teams are in the various business units are.
  • Programmatic approach to create a workplace ecosystem that enable teams to thrive.
  • Develop a step by step 4-week game plan.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Earl Allan

Earl started his career practising law in one of Singapore’s top law firms. Subsequently, he ventured into the world of digital marketing start-ups. There he moved from managing clients and project teams to managing the organization. Through the years, Earl has worked with MNC clients as well as in 4A agencies managing clients, operations and teams.
In the world of digital marketing, Earl was exposed to the importance of looking through the lens of the user and understanding the user journey when developing campaigns, advertisements and applications for the consumer. Applying design thinking principles was critical. In this capacity, Earl has worked with technology clients such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and PayPal, FMCG clients such as the Spa Esprit Group and Imedeen as well as Online Gaming clients such as Glu Mobile.
Through the various leadership roles he has held, Earl also learnt the importance of putting people first when developing team structures and managing people. In his last role, Earl was responsible for building an agile team structure to allow team members to work remotely across several regions, cities, cultures and languages. To do this, he had to look at the whole user experience to develop team structures as well as apply design thinking principles. This experience reinforced his passion for working with people to bring out their potential and in building highly engaged happy teams.
His personal mission is to work with people committed to and passionate about achieving great outcomes by putting people at the heart of what we do.