Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights for Strategic Business Planning

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Your Ideas, Inventions, Trade Marks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets are your organisation’s valuable assets.  
What is intellectual property (IP) rights and how to manage them effectively to enhance your business and make money in the global markets? 
What happens if you did not register your trade mark or service mark and someone else use your mark? 
Rely on tort of passing-off action? 
Do you rely on patent protection or trade secrets to protect your company’s secret recipe?  Which strategies to take?
Get a thorough understanding of the principles of intellectual property rights protection and its enforcement. There will be quizzes to enhance learning.

Course Outline


  • What subject matter are protected by copyright law?  
  • Dramatic work, artistic works, literary works, musical works
  • Brochures, marketing promotional materials etc
  • Subject matter “other than works”  
  • Sound recordings, cinematographs films, broadcasts, published editions, compact discs
  • Duration of copyright  
  • Ownership of copyright & rights conferred by copyright
  • Infringement of copyright & consequences  
  • Defences to copyright – fair dealing for private study or research?
  • International protection – Berne Convention
  • Quiz
Trade Marks
  • Meaning of a trade mark / service mark
  • Trademark registration
  • Duration of trademark registration
  • Infringement of trade marks
  • Consequences of infringement  
  • International protection - Madrid Protocol   
  • Paris Convention and TRIPS Agreement
  • What is passing-off action?
  • Goodwill, reputation  
  • Misrepresentation & damage  
  • Dishonest trading  
  • Quiz
Patent Protection  
  • Protecting your inventions
  • Need for registration  
  • Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT route)
  • Criteria for registration – novel, inventive step  
  • Patent agents & the patent attorney   
  • Duration of patents
  • Infringement of patents  
  • Revocation of patents  
  • International protection
  • Compulsory licenses
  • Quiz
Trade Secrets & Confidential Information  
  • Non-competition clause
  • Contract restraining trade  
  • Tort of confidence
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

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Trainer Profile

Prof Catherine Tay Swee Kian

Prof Catherine Tay Swee Kian is an Associate Professorial Fellow lecturing law at the National University of Singapore, Department of Strategy and Policy (NUS Business School). She is also an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and an author of several law books. She is Associate Director of Bernard & Rada Law Corp.

Prof Tay studied law at Queen Mary College, University of London and graduated with a Master of Laws, in which she specialised in Company, Shipping, Insurance and Marine Insurance Laws. She did her pupillage under the Honourable Lady Mary Hogg in London and returned to Singapore in the law firm of Rodyk & Davidson.

She was on the Board of Overseas Editors for the (United Kingdom) Journal of Financial Crime, an official publication of the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime. She has presented papers at many conferences and seminars on Business Law, Medical Law, Company and Insolvency Laws both overseas and in Singapore. Prof Tay is an examiner on law subjects for a number of professional bodies in Singapore and overseas. She conducts in-house seminars for hospitals, banks, statutory boards, hotels, commercial firms and companies, clubs and associations.