Enhancing Relations Through Emotional Intelligence

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Course introduction

One of the most important attributes that contributes to our success at work or in our social life is our Emotional Quotient (EQ). At work, EQ contributes even more to our success than our IQ (Intelligence Quotient) . EQ helps us develop and maintain relationships in our lives which in turn improve our support network. EQ helps us with our motivation levels and reduce negative emotions. This session will help you to enhance your self awareness, self regulation, self motivation, empathy and promote meaningful relationships at work , with family and friends.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Emotional intelligence and its origins
  • Emotional Awareness Quiz- “What are you feeling right now?”
  • Case studies of individuals and groups (Video Presentation)
  • Self-regulation – Managing your emotions (Your biggest fears)
  • Groups discussion and sharing of negative emotions that affect our performance at work
  • Identifying negative emotions and how to manage them – Scenarios presented via video
  • Self-motivation (Learning to self-motivate in difficult and challenging situations)
  • Quentionnaire on self motivation and how to apply it at work and in personal circumstances
  • Developing empathy for others including colleagues, customers, family and friends
  • Developing meaningful relationships which help us become more effetive at work and at home
  • EQ action plan – learning to take stock of our emotional state and setting goals for the future

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

James Suresh

James Suresh is a trainer, PR consultant and bestselling author. The co-creator of Singapore's comic icon 'Mr. Kiasu', he has co-written a series of comic books as well as authored books on his military career. He develops comic strips for magazines and scripts for multi-media productions. His recent book entitled 'On a Street in Singapore' has won two awards, namely the Sunday Times Best seller and Reader's Choice Award.

James started his career as an army officer and eventually moved into public relations. Following his 15 year stint in the army, he set up a publishing and design company. After five years in the publishing business, James left to pursue his interest in training and PR Consulting. He is a certified EQ trainer with 'Six Seconds Inc' based in the US, and is also an accredited PR practitioner and an NIE certified teacher.

James is an associate trainer at the Marketing Institute of Singapore and a council member at the Institute of Public Relations Singapore. He conducts seminars and workshops in Singapore and the Asian region. James is a member of the Programme Advisory Committee for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and a lecturer in public relations for Curtin University. He is also a member of the editorial board for the Army News.