Effective HR Training and Development

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Course introduction

Training has always been perceived as a means to up the under-achievers’ performance when organisations have un-expensed budget. But in these days of budget-crunched environment, training has become much of a luxury unless the organisation recognises that right at the start of recruitment - one has to weigh between hiring a square peg to fit a square hole, or if sufficient competencies are met for the job to minimise any candidates from being “chiselled” through training to fit that hole. Hence, Learning & Development is then to facilitate talent management, for retention or to re-skilling, in today’s context.

Course Outline

Training, Learning & Development

  • Learning vs Training
  • how it support organisation’s strategic directions
  • When is Training hindered?
  • How do people recognise a learning organisation?
  • How training aligns the orgnisation’s Mission, Vision and Values?
  • Why are training budgets under-utilised or unutilised even in good times?
The Training Manager & Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Understanding stakeholders as learning partners and alignment with business needs
  • Competencies of an effective training manager
  • Setting up the HRD function - training & development strategic directions
  • Managing  learning stakeholders’ communications and expectations
  • Managing the training function
  • Measuring returns on learning & development
  • Evaluation criteria for the Training Manager
Competency-Based Learning
  • Understanding competency-based practices
  • Components of a competency-based framework
  • Implementing a holistic competency-based culture and practice
Learning Theories
  • Establishing a learning culture
  • Andragogy & Pedagogy
  • Different learning methodology
  • Traditional and Blended learning
  • Experiential and Action learning
  • Facilitating learning
  • Managing learning content and content developers
Learning Calendar of Events and Programs
  • Rationale of a training calendar
  • Events and program logistics management
  • Criteria for contracting vendors and venues
Quality in Training
  • Criteria of consistent and sustaining effectiveness in learning and learning facilitators
  • Ensuring quality assurance, controls and audits
  • Evaluation criteria and cycles

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Edward Foong

Edward Foong is the founder and CEO of a HR Consulting firm. He is passionate about developing people and has helped companies all over the world implement Orientation programs, design and implement Performance Management system, and facilitate programs around HR, Leadership, Sales, Service, and Teams.

Edward has more than 15 years of experience in facilitation of management, leadership, sales and customer service programs. He is a recognized coach and has utilized his skills to coach individuals, teams and even trainers. He is trained by Dr John C Maxwell and Robin Sharma.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was Senior Assistant Vice President of MediaCorp, a leading broadcaster in the region. In this position, he led a team who managed almost 3,000 employees and is primarily responsible for the whole company’s Organization Development, training & development needs.

Earlier in Edward’s career, he contributed to IBM, Abbott Laboratories and Coca- Cola (Singapore). In all these USA-based organizations, he was a leader in various areas and created significant impact to the people in his organization. He was also in charge of HR and Internal Communications in a French company responsible for all staff in 12 countries in Asia Pacific.

Edward is also a certified consultant who can administer and interpret the 5-factor psychometric tool – Facet5 and PEAKS.

Edward is a speaker and is occasionally invited to speak at various seminars all over the world. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He is also an appointed Chief Judge for the Singapore HR Awards and the Vietnam HR Awards.