Effective Crisis Management Communications

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Course introduction

This two-day course is designed to help Managers and Executives understand the principles of effective Crisis Communication Management. Participants will be introduced to communication strategies and tools such as understanding the public mindset and the media, building a relationship with the media, writing press releases, preparing press kits, organising a press conference, and dealing with media interviews in crisis situations. This interactive workshop will also provide useful tips on how to establish and enhance an organisation’s responsiveness to both the public and to the media in extreme crisis situations. Finally we will also prepare the organisation for post-crisis business continuation.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Crisis Communications and Crisis Management
  • Role of Public Relations and the Media
  • Communicating to both the internal and external publics
  • Developing Strategies in Communications with the Public and the Media
  • Strategic Communication flows and how to control them
  • Creating an effective Crisis Communications plan and manual
  • Creation of emergency response groups
  • Reducing the damage to the company image
  • Crisis and Media Relations/ Command and Control of the Media
  • Business Recovery Programme

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Gregory Tan

Gregory Tan is a 36 year veteran in the Strategic Communications and Public Relations Industry. He has handled a wide variety of communications issues and clients. In addition of running his own consultancy, he also lectures at the NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information teaching undergraduate and Master classes. He also teaches at NUS and several other international Universities like the University of Newcastle and Murdoch University. He was also a consultant with two of the world's top PR consultancies, Ogilvy & Mather PR and Burson Masteller PR.

Gregory is a Past President and a Fellow of the Institute of PR of Singapore as well as the former Chairman of the Federation of ASEAN PR Organisations (FAPRO). He was the Education Chair of IPRS where he revamped the PR Certificate Course and introduced the Diploma and undergraduate and Graduate courses for the PR Industry.

He has worked with government organisations like MOE, PUB, and MINDEF on courses in PR and Crisis Communications. He has worked with companies like Levis, Siemens Nixdorf, Boston Scientific, GSK, DuPont, British American Tobacco amongst others have for both training and Strategic Communication Consultancy.

A leading expert in local and international PR- Strategic Communications, Gregory has also travelled extensively both in the region as well as in Europe and the States to give talks and help official bodies build-up their communication skills. A firm believer in the power of positive communications, he has helped many companies overcome their internal and external communication issues and problems.

Gregory has worked in the banking, conference, publishing, ship-repairing, property, beer, soft-drinks and PR consultancy industries as Manager and Consultant. He was also the Editor for two international trade magazines.