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Course introduction

The business environment in Singapore and globally has been increasingly difficult. With competition from local and foreign players, managers have to constantly try to come up with strategies to meet and beat the competition. Unfortunately, with the increased competition, many organisations tried to remain in business by resorting in unethical or unfair practices examples of many such organisations have been appearing more frequently in the news. 
With this course, one of the key learning points will include how a manager can align business strategies with corporate governance, hence shifting the focus of only driving a business strategy or culture from a purely financial perspective. Businesses today have to play well with each other and also treat the staff with respect. In this regard, the need to focus on hiring the right people, creating the right culture and developing the right strategies to support the organisational vision and mission is key. Doing so with the right ethics has become the winning strategy in doing well in business and most importantly, winning the war for talent in todays climate.

Course Benefits

Course Objectives

  • At the end of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Strengthen and further their managerial abilities to develop business unit strategies
  • Attain stakeholder buy-in of companys strategic goals
  • Design and amend work process to comply with corporate governance and social responsibilities
  • Compare implications and impact of good versus bad ethics at work
  • Demonstrate corporate values within self to lead staff
  • Identify and react to staffs emotional state and address their needs

Course Pre-Requisites

Recommended minimum English proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce skills Qualifications (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy Level 4.

Target Audience

Professionals who aspire to be groomed to lead and oversee teams.

Course Outline

1.  Assist in Formulating Business Unit Strategies
 The topics include:

  • The relationship between high level strategy and the development and implementation of team plans and processes
  • The relationship between high level strategy development and implementation of business systems and processes to support corporate governance
  • Lead team leaders to identify trends and issues impacting team performance and develop team operational plans to achieve team objectives
  • Communicate departmental or business unit strategic priorities to stakeholders to garner their support and buy-in
  • Engage in regular self-reflection to identify own areas for improvement in leading strategy planning
  • Improve own strategy planning skills by subscribing to diverse learning channels and participating in peer review platforms to enhance workplace performance 
2.  Set the Culture with Corporate Governance
The topics include:
  • Organisational policies and procedures relating to the development of departmental or business unit strategies, and corporate governance compliance management
  • Legal and ethical considerations relating to corporate governance
  • Relevant professional or industry codes of practice and standards relating to corporate governance
  • Implications and impact on employees and the organisation arising from team planning process and corporate governance management process
  • Develop and modify systems and processes to improve compliance management on corporate governance and social responsibilities requirements
3.  Guide Staff to Achieve Organisational Goals
 The topics include:
  • Facilitate team leaders involvement in the development of departmental or business unit strategies to achieve business objectives
  • Communicate organisational values and expectations of behaviour in the workplace to guide team leaders in their behaviour and performance
  • Engage regularly with team leaders to provide the required support to achieve business unit goals
  • Model leadership and behaviours to demonstrate application of organisational values, behaviours and governance priorities in all actions
  • Assess emotional states of team leaders and respond appropriately to emotional cues when leading team leaders to ensure individual needs are addressed

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