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Course introduction

  • Understand the advanced formatting options of Excel 
  • Use functions such as statistical, financial and mathematical operations etc 
  • Analyse, filter & sort data based on the tables and data needed

Target Audience

Individuals who have successfully reached ES-ICDL basic skills levels and wish to further enhance their expertise in Advanced Spreadsheets.

Course Outline

  • Apply advanced formatting options such as conditional formatting and customised number formatting and handle worksheets
  • Use functions such as those associated with logical, statistical, financial and mathematical operations
  • Create charts and apply advanced chart formatting features
  • Work with tables and lists to analyse, filter and sort data. Create and use scenarios
  • Validate and audit spreadsheet data
  • Enhance productivity by working with named cell ranges, macros and templates
  • Use linking, embedding and importing features integrate data
  • Collaborate on and review spreadsheets. Apply spreadsheet security feature
Course Duration
24 Hours

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

NTUC Learninghub Pte Ltd (Executive Arm of NTUC LearningHub)

NTUC LearningHub® employs industry experienced and vendor certified instructors. These instructors are required to achieve sufficient qualifications before leading a class. In addition, we work with partners to deliver the latest course materials and computer facilities so that students can learn critical skills and prepare for the examinations.