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Course introduction

This course aims to equip caregivers of the elderly and adults with disabilities with basic caregiving skills that will better enhance the level of care for the elderly at their own home environment. This 3-hour home-based training content is customised to cater specifically to needs of the elderly and adult with disabilities depending on their current physical and medical condition.

What's In It For Me

  • Acquire basic caregiving skills
  • Learn how to take better care of adults with disabilities
  • Be trained in a home-based environment

Target Audience

Caregivers who need to assist elderly aged 65 and above and adults certified by doctors with disability who requires assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs). (e.g Transferring, Toileting, Dressing, etc).

Course Outline

Caregivers will learn at least three to five topics of the following:
Part 1: Understanding the ageing process and factors that effects the condition of the elderly

  • What is ageing process
  • Common health conditions in elderly
  • Care needs of the elderly
  • Showing respect and privacy to the elderly
Part 2: Effective Communication Skills
  • Why is communication important
  • Breakdowns in communication process
  • How to improve communication skills with the elderly
Part 3: Infection Control Measures
  • Importance of good hygiene practices in the home environment
  • Wearing and removal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Hand washing technique
Part 4: Fall Risks Identification and Fall Prevention Measures
  • To identify fall risks in home environmen
  • Ways to prevent falls
Part 5: Personal Hygiene & Grooming Techniques
  • Shower assistance and bed sponging techniques
  • How to perform Oral care, Skin care and Foot care
  • Importance and steps for Perineal Care
Part 6: Transfer Skills
  • Transferring elderly with or without assistive equipment
  • Correct use of mobility equipment
  • Methods in transferring, positioning and safe handling of the elderly
Part 7: Additional Care Procedures (customised accordingly to elderlys medical condition)
  • NGT feeding
  • Wound Care management
  • Stoma & Stoma Bag Care & Management
  • Urinary Catheter & Bag Care & Management etc.
  • Pressure relief measures to prevent pressure sore

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

NTUC Learninghub Pte Ltd (Executive Arm of NTUC LearningHub)

NTUC LearningHub® employs industry experienced and vendor certified instructors. These instructors are required to achieve sufficient qualifications before leading a class. In addition, we work with partners to deliver the latest course materials and computer facilities so that students can learn critical skills and prepare for the examinations.