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Course introduction

  • Elective module that is part of nationally recognized diploma in security management.
  • Develop business objectives, formulate marketing objectives and activities competently.
  • Identify potential markets, establish business strategies and implement plans to create profitability.

Course Benefits

This course enables trainees to develop business objectives, formulate marketing objectives and activities, identify potential markets and business strategy, establish processes, determine profitability, develop implementation plan, evaluate performance and review plan.

Target Audience

  • Security Supervisors with Full Advance Certificate
  • Security Agency Manager
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Executives
  • PMET individual who meet the minimum requirement pre-requisites

Course Outline

Develop business objectives

  • Set clear, concrete business objectives relevant to security agency's goals and objectives
  • Develop security business objectives collaboratively to meet identified market needs 
  • Conduct discussions to communicate business objectives and processes clearly to security team members to ensure common understanding of business goals and objectives
  • Review objectives regularly against capacity to meet targets and ensure they are realistic
Formulate marketing objectives and activities
  • Prioritise communication objectives within marketing strategies clearly to identify primary, secondary and key outcomes
  • Determine coherent and practical marketing activities linked to achievement of outcomes and approved by suitable managerial arrangements.
  • Prepare financial processes to identify timelines and performance outcomes.
  • Identify partnership and collaborations during finalisation of objectives
Identify potential markets and business strategies
  • Identify and analyse marketing opportunities to promote security services regularly in term of viability and contribution to security business using available industry sources.
  • Write business plan for better understanding of where organisation is, where it wants to be and how it plans to get there.
Establish processes
  • Review and establish programmes and functions to achieve security business objectives in line with organisational objectives.
  • Identify and prioritise tasks and activities in line with available resources.
  • Maintain documentation and information accurately in appropriate formats to ensure reliability of data. 
Determine profitability
  • Monitor revenues and expenditures associated with security business objectives accurately using standard accounting techniques
  • Determine profitability and viability of operations accurately
  • Monitor source of revenue periodically and develop strategies to improve revenue
Develop implementation plan
  • Establlish structured implementation targets and incorporate opportunities for review
  • Link activities to achievement of outcomes and targets and plan activities towards achieving targets
  • Communicate clear key performance indicators linked to client needs to security personnel
  • Establish and orientate suitable media activities to key client group
  • Collect and review feedback on strategies from security staff
Evaluate performance
  • Establish criteria to measure impact and success of promotional activites
  • Make adjustments to promotional strategy and product distribution promptly based on feedback of staff to ensure consistency of promotion
  • Evaluate performance achievement against organisational objectives clearly and concisely to assess effectiveness of marketing strategy
Review plan
  • Collect and evaluate current financial data to ensure consistency, quality and accuracy in accordance with organisational procedures
  • Identify and prioritise significant issues in meeting targets and objectives including comparative financial performances for review and decision-making
  • Incorporate adjustment of strategies and plans to address review for future planning arrangements in business plan.

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Trainer Profile

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