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Course introduction

  • Core module under nationally recognized diploma in security management.
  • Gain knowledge and skills to conduct an effective security audit.
  • Recommend a series of cost-effective security solutions to clients confidently.

Course Benefits

This course enables trainees to develop a set of skills and knowledge to conduct an effective security audit, and recommend a series of cost-effective security solutions. Trainee's level of competency in security project management shall also be elevated.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Obtained Advanced Certificate in Security Supervision and at least a 'N' Level educational qualification 
  • At least an 'O' Level educational qualification with at least 2 years of working experience 
  • Participants with the following competency ratings from the Employability Skills are eligible:
  1. Listening/Speaking Min. Level 7
  2. Reading/Writing Min. Level 7
  3. Numeracy Min. Level 7

Target Audience

  • Security Supervisors with Full Advance Certificate
  • Security Agency Manager
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Executives
  • PMET individual who meet the minimum requirement pre-requisites

Course Outline

Prepare for Security Audit

  • Analyse and understand rationale for conduct of audit
  • Define accurately audit objectives
  • Identify any constraints impacting on audit
  • Identify interests of regulatory bodies and other parties 
  • Maintain confidentiality of information at all times
Conduct Security Audit
  • Conduct audit accurately to cover all physical characteristics, environmental factors and existing security arrangements of premises
  • Identify and assess accurately security and other risks against audit objectives
  • Review audit objectives
  • Document audit objectives, outcome and recommendations clearly
  • Present audit report to management within agreed timeframe
Confirm Security Requirements
  • Confirm security objectives are in accordance with security requirements, organizational plans, goals and audit findings
  • Assess performance targets, resource availability and operational constraints in security operational plan
  • Acquire and allocate resource and security systems/equipment requirements in accordance with operational plan
  • Comply with relevant legislative requirements pertaining to security operations
  • Comply with organizational requirements, pertaining to security operations
Co-ordinate and Monitor Security Operations
  • Use established organizational system to co-ordinate and monitor security operations against work schedules to ensure implementation is within stipulated timeframes and resources constraints in accordance with organizational procedures
  • Check maintenance plan for security systems/equipment is current and is carried out in accordance with system requirements
  • Check procedures are in place to meet exigencies in the event of system/equipment failure
  • Implement corrective actions for non-conformances consistent with organizational procedures and budgetary constraints
  • Check established communication channels and processes facilitate smooth flow of information
Review and Report Status of Security Operations
  • Review status of security operations and forward report with any further recommendations to appropriate person
  • Maintain records in accordance with legislative and organizational requirements  

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Trainer Profile

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