Certificate In Practical Accounting

Raja's Commercial College

Course introduction

This program will enable candidates to:  I.  gain knowledge to perform various functions of bookkeeping and accounting procedures & also learn to oversees responsibilities in bookkeeping  / accounting positions  II.  learn what is computerized accounting  &  III.  prepare for better opportunities in Professional development, career change and higher learning in Accounting or related disciplines. The course structure is simple but comprehensive & sufficient enough to fulfill the objective 

Course Benefits

Trainees will receive the Certificate In Practical Accounting,  upon completion of the course (subject to conditions).

Target Audience

a)  who has been keeping the account of the firm or company (SME) but still unsure whether they are doing it effectively and efficiently,

b)  from different  work’s  background  who wants to gain knowledge and general practical aspect of accounting for  job enhancement and,

c)   students who just graduated from school and wanting to grasp a practical aspect in accounting while waiting for their next endeavor

Course Outline

The Syllabus:
1.  Book Keeping
2. Accounting                                              
3. Accounting/legal/reporting entities  
4. Five group of accounts  
5.  Charts of Accounts
6.  Revenue and expenses                                           
7.  Effect of profit
8.  Operating Cycle                                                    
9.  Cash Flow Statement
10. Bank Reconcillation Statement
11. Accounting Equation
12. Design of an accounting system                                       
13. Internal controls
14. Accounting for internal and external use                                               
15. Accounting Standards
16. Computerized Accounting
17. Taxation & Questions for Lessons 1-17         
18. Test your learning

For Self Sponsored Participants:
SkillsFuture Credit is applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 25 years old and above only

FULL & PART TIME available.                                                
FULL TIME COURSE FEE: $500/-                                                    
Registration, material & refreshment fees @ $50/-
TOTAL fees:$550/-

Registration & material fees – $30/-
TOTAL fees:$530/-                 



Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Maria Lau

Trainer Maria Lau is analytical for all courses at college as well as running her college to improve experience for trainees/clients, employees and administration.

A dedicated and responsive trainer and appraisals from ex NUS Merit/ex MP and trainees attending college courses for the [email protected] Corporate Secretarial Practice/ACRA Filing/IRAS Tax and Certificate in Practical Accounting courses and Pitman’s Shorthand New Era Speed Writing.