Pitman’s Shorthand New Era Speed Writing

Raja's Commercial College

Course introduction

Aim: To develop the note taking speed of students through the mastery of a set of shorthand outlines to represent the 24 consonants and 12 vowels as well as Dipjthongs and Triphones.  The theory would be presented in clear and easy stages and give adequate practice within a  working  vocabulary.                                                                                          Objective: The learners have to understand every shorthand rule in each unit thoroughly and to follow the suggested practice plan. In shorthand, writing or dictating by sound, i.e., to write words as they are pronounced; that each simple character represents one definite sound and no other and that the ordinary spelling — with its many irregularities and inconsistencies — as exhibited in printing and in long-hand writing, is not to be followed or imitated. Thus, the end result will be a more accurate interpretation of any conversation, presentation, announcement, etc… Till date, SHORTHAND course remains one of the more sought after by staff of law firms, reporters of news agency, secretarial & administrative professionals and others where accurate and speedy dictation is one of the key task,.

Course Benefits

Trainees will receive the Certification, The Pitman’s Shorthand New Era Speed Writing, upon completion of the course (subject to conditions).   

Target Audience

In this age of advanced technology churning out digital recording tools, etc…, it seem like is outdated. But, people who are secretaries or journalists will know how vital is this writing tool to them. Is a skill. Is also can be an added value to your CV and will help to get you thru the interview and ultimately, the job you wanted, in the field of reporting. In fact, anyone who wants to write or dictate fast, should. DIGITAL recordings is handy but voice recording can be unclear due to surrounding noises and the result can hamper a good reproduction and can be detrimental doing it. 

Course Outline

For Self Sponsored Participants:
SkillsFuture Credit is applicable for Singapore Citizens aged 25 years old and above only

FULL & PART TIME available.                                                
FULL TIME COURSE FEE: $500/-                                                    
Registration, material & refreshment fees @ $50/-
TOTAL fees:$550/-

Registration & material fees – $30/-
TOTAL fees:$530/-                                              

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Maria Lau

Trainer Maria Lau is analytical for all courses at college as well as running her college to improve experience for trainees/clients, employees and administration.

A dedicated and responsive trainer and appraisals from ex NUS Merit/ex MP and trainees attending college courses for the [email protected] Corporate Secretarial Practice/ACRA Filing/IRAS Tax and Certificate in Practical Accounting courses and Pitman’s Shorthand New Era Speed Writing.