WSQ Make Basic Bread


Course introduction

This Course allow engaging and interactive hands-on baking classes whereby participants get to experience the whole baking journey. Our baking classes are perfect for baking enthusiasts with little or no baking experience. We emphasise strongly on quality class standards and we ensure that our participants learn the fundamentals of baking during the classes. Besides spending an enjoyable day baking at our studio, participants will also get to bring home their own delectable bakes to share with their love ones.(WSQ Certification)

Course Outline

Upon completion, Candidates will be able to: Identify the types and uses of baking tools and equipment, Recognise the types, characteristics, functions and quality indicators of baking ingredients, Interpret and understand the Recipes and methods of preparing different types of Bread, Explain the Importance of using correct ratio and proportion of ingredients, understand why & what makes Bread fail & how to avoid this from happening.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

WSQ Trainer.

All our trainers are certified and have years of industry experience. They are also approachable and supportive of the learners.