Preparing for Cybersecurity

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Course introduction

Today over 10 billon smart devices are interconnected in cyberspace which has changed our way of lives and we have become more dependent on it. However, this dependency also makes us vulnerable, therefore, we need to make sure that the cyberspace is protected from cyber attackers as they can target individuals, companies and governments, and can cause hundreds of billions of dollars in losses every year. Therefore, there is a high demand worldwide for information security professionals to provide protection to individuals and organizations against growing threats from cyber attackers. 

Course Benefits

This subject intends to provide students with essential concepts of information security, cryptography, secure protocols, detection and other security techniques.

Course Pre-Requisites

To be eligible for SkillsFuture Series subsidy, participants: 
- must be Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore 
* Participants who do not fulfill the above criteria are not eligible for SkillsFuture Series funding, and are required to pay the course fee in full. 

Fee with NEW SkillsFuture Series Subsidy: S$250.38(inclusive of GST) *conditions apply

Target Audience

Anyone who is connected to internet and wants to upgrade his/her skills in information security area. This course will be beneficial for professionals making information security decisions in businesses and government departments, or individuals who need the expertise to make the right decisions to protect their organizations from cyber threats. No pre-requisite is needed for this course.  

Course Outline

Information security concepts, threats and services. Security planning, technical and nontechnical aspects, policy based security, security approaches, security models, security strategies and security professionals.

Secret / Public-Key Cryptosystems 
Classical ciphers. Data Encryption Standard (DES). Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Modes of operation. Concepts of public-key cryptosystems. RSA. Secure Hash Standard (SHS). Digital Signature Standard (DSS).

Secure Protocols
Authentication protocols. Key exchange protocols. Identification protocols. Secret sharing. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET). Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Electronic Election and Digital Money 
Electronic election protocols. Untraceable digital coins. Divisible electronic cash. Electronic cash protocols. Micropayment systems.

Intrusion Detection, Social Networks and Cyber Security
Generic intrusion detection model. Host intrusion detection systems. Network intrusion detection systems. Database security. Information security awareness, education, social engineering, cyber bullying, social media and its impacts on the society, mobile security and cloud computing.  

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Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Assoc Prof Mohammed, Yakoob Siyal

Dr Siyal holds MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering from University of Manchester, UK and an MBA (specializing in IT) degree from European Management School, Surrey University, England. Dr Siyal has been working in Universities in Europe and Asia and has been involved in teaching, research and supervising/advising students in Information Security areas at the school of EEE, NTU, Singapore. With his inter-disciplinary background he has been teaching and conducting research in Information Security, Medical Image Processing, Computer Vision, E-business/IT Management, Innovation and technology management areas.

Dr Siyal has published over 200 refereed journal and conference papers and has authored 8 books. At NTU, he has won numerous teaching awards including “Best Dressed Teacher”, “Teaching Excellence Award” and “Nanyang Teaching Excellence Award”.