Express IT (Up to 90% funding and job placement available)


Course introduction

This programme will train and place you in an IT Systems Support job to kick-start your IT career. You could receive up to 90% funding* on your training and job placement assistance to ensure a smooth transition to your new IT job role.   *Terms and conditions apply.

Course Benefits

Acquire IT Systems Support Skills 
Learn install, configure & maintenance of Windows 10, fundamentals of server & network and the highly sought-after IT customer service skills to prepare yourself for an IT Systems Support job. 
Mentor-Led Blended Learning Delivery
We deliver blended learning through a combination of self-paced e-learning, instructor-led flipped classes and personalised mentoring with industry practitioners to greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring knowledge and skills.
Job Placement Assistance
We will assist you in getting hired with more than 50 hiring employers working with us.
Up to 90% Funding 
Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents can receive up to 90% funding* from SkillsFuture Singapore and further subsidies using your SkillsFuture credit and Post-Secondary Education Account.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Course Pre-Requisites

Minimum N level. No prior IT experience or studies needed.

Target Audience

Individuals who are interested in hands-on technical job roles.

Course Outline

NICF - Fundamentals of Server & Network

  • Perform a local media-based installation of Windows Server 2012
  • Select appropriate storage technologies and configure storage on a Windows Server
  • Describe fundamental network components and terminology to select an appropriate network component
  • Implement a network by selecting network hardware components and technologies and determine the appropriate network hardware and wiring components for a given situation 
  • Describe the protocols and services within the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite of protocols and implement IPv4 within a Windows Server environment
  • Describe the concept of defence-in-depth and determine how to implement this approach with Windows Server
  • Identify the security features in Windows Server that help to provide defence-in-depth
NICF - Install & Configure Operating System
  • Describe the important new features of Windows 10.
  • Install Windows 10. Configure a device that is running Windows 10.
  • Configure network connectivity for a Windows 10 device.
  • Manage storage in Windows 10.
  • Manage folders and printers.
  • Manage apps. Manage data security.
  • Manage device security.
  • Implement Windows 10 features to improve network security.
  • Restore files, roll back drivers and recover Windows 10 devices.
  • Monitor and update Windows 10 devices  
NICF - Support and Maintain IT Infrastructure
  • Describe the processes involved in planning and using a troubleshooting methodology for Windows 10
  • Analyse the troubleshoot start-up issues and operating system services on a Windows 10 system
  • Analyse the troubleshooting of the computers remotely
  • Evaluate the issues related to hardware devices and device drivers
  • Evaluate issues related to network connectivity
  • Identify the issues related to user settings
  • Design and implement extranet connectivity for Windows 10
  • Recover a computer running Windows 10
NICF - IT Customer Service Skills
  • Define core priorities and key responsibilities of the IT Support role.
  • Learn basic stages of case management, from initial receipt of a support call through solution development and closure.
  • Learn an appreciation for the communication skills that a successful support agent needs.
  • Learn the importance of maintaining complete, detailed, and accurate documentation
  • Learn an in-depth knowledge of the steps involved in troubleshooting a customer issue throughout its life cycle.
  • Review the typical key performance indicators that are used to track the success of the support organization and individual professionals or agents.
NICF - Capstone Project –Infrastructure Support
  • Design Local Area Network for the given company
  • Perform a local Window Installation
  • Configure Windows server
  • Design and implement Active Directory
  • Managing Files and Printers
  • Troubleshoot resource access and network connectivity
  • Case Management

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

ACTA Certified and Industry Practitioner

All our trainers are WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) certified and industry practitioner who can impart real-world experience through actual work examples or case studies.