Strategic Networking for your Business Growth

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Networking has become more and more vital as a key skillset to stay resilient and resourceful in this digital age. Networking allows the development of informal contacts, and building relationships that provide individuals with knowledge, advice, information, partnerships and further contacts – all of which may allow you to tap into unadvertised career to businses opportunities especially through digital and face to face interaction, where more and more businesses are transacting beyond tranditional ways.
This workshop will increase confidence and offer greater sense of personal understanding on how co-worker can achieve what they desire at work, by understanding the psychology and perceptions that affect the way networking takes place.

Course Benefits

  • Network with more confidence being equipped with the tools and techniques in this digital age.
  • Present themselves in the way they want to be perceived in a polished manner
  • Introduce themselves that will potentially open doors of unadvertised opportunity.
  • Hold professional conversations and not worry what to say, ask or go speechless.
  • Understand the importance of how this skillset can help one be resilient, resourceful and rewired for this digital first economy.

Course Outline

Program Objectives
Clartity comes from experence and action, not thought. The program objectives are met through an experiential process applying the psychology of self and group.
Participants will walk away not only with knowledge, but the motivation to implement what they have learned and clarity of what needs to be done to network with confidence.

Content Outline
Welcome And Introduction

  • Introduction of Facilitator and participants
  • Review Training Objectives 
Prepare - Setting The Stage Right
  • What is networking and why some dislike it
  • Find out what event are you attending
  • Prepping your mind
  • Application in digital first economy
Present – All Ready!
  • What does your body language, the clothes you wear, the ‘unspoken vibe’ says about you in networking
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Repackaging and presenting YOU for success in a polished manner to leave a good impression
Position - Networking with Confidence
  • How to introduce yourself (pitch) with confidence that does not sound boring nor makes it short lived.
  • How do you introduce yourself to create job opportunities for yourself
Probe – Having enjoyable conversations
  • Tips on what to say, what to ask
  • Hunter vs farmer
  • Know what to listen out for
  • How to excuse yourself politely when it you run out of words
POP – Possible Opportunities Presents
  • The need to follow through, in deepening relationships
  • 5Ps networking in digital space
Review, closure and evaluation feedback

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Brenda Tan

Brenda Tan is a speaker, author and coach on personal empowerment. She has helped many people to unleash their potential and achieve their desired results in their lives. In her latest book “Regain Your Power”, a best seller 2014 in Kinokuniya, she share many important life-changing lessons on personal empowerment and how we can achieve greater success in life.

Brenda has also been featured in media such as radio, television and newspaper. Brenda has given talks and/or conducted training for organisations such as DBS bank, UOB bank, Capella Hotel and Resorts, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Qatargas and Great Eastern Life Assurance to name a few.

Cited by the Prime Minister of Singapore in his National Day Rally Speech in 2008 as a story of excellence, Brenda is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations maximise their capacity for success.