Marketing Transformation for a Digital World

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Today’s new generation of consumers behave radically differently, but Marketers still apply strategies and tools from the previous generation. Consider these facts:

  • The average consumer attention span has fallen to 8 seconds (less than a goldfish!) yet most brands communicate in 15 or 30 second commercials!
  • Trust and authenticity are the leading criteria for consumer preference, but less than 5% of consumers believe that brands are honest and accurate!
  • 33,000 new consumer products are launched every month worldwide; little surprise that differentiation between brands has fallen to all-time low!
  • Never before has business been transformed as rapidly as today, with new technology and new business models invading every industry.
This reality is challenging brand marketers and brands across Asia and there is a need to transform marketing strategies and embrace new tools and techniques to solve the needs of today’s connected consumer.
This masterclass will expose participants to latest marketing thinking and practice, and equip them with relevant skills and strategies to thrive in today’s connected, complex landscape! You will be exposed to the best of practices, insightful case studies and action-oriented frameworks to truly transform your marketing to the next level.

Course Benefits

  • Learn the new 4Ps of Marketing and how to apply them to transform your brand
  • Acquire the skills to become a brand concierge who customers actively seek out & follow
  • Identify new hidden sources of growth for your brand or business
  • Design & deploy strategies that make your brand unique and distinctive in today’s cluttered market

Target Audience

  • Brand Marketers with a desire to significantly elevate & modernise their marketing skills-set.
  • Business leaders in the consumer & business space looking to transform their marketing results.
  • Agency Executives (Media / Creative) wanting to accelerate their marketing knowledge and learn how to truly add value to their Client’s brands Highlights
  • Focused: 4 Sharply-Defined Modules with specific learning outcomes and clear, practical case studies.
  • Byte sized: Deep Insights but Distilled Knowledge – not information overload.
  • Interactive: Syndicate-based exercises and group discussions to facilitate better learning amongst participants
  • Actionable: “Strategy into Practice” frameworks and toolkits to help you implement what you learn.

Course Outline

New 4 Ps of Marketing for the Digital Revolution

  • How the digital technology revolution has changed marketing and the business landscape forever
  • Why conventional marketing frameworks are not enough to deliver results and why change is the only option for your brand and business
  • Why “digital marketing” is irrelevant and breaking the silos between traditional and digital is essential
  • Move beyond the previous generation Ps & discover the new 4 Ps of marketing
New Models of Engagement to Win with Digitally-Connected Consumers
  • Why you must break the confines of the Classical Consumer Model to succeed with Connected Consumers
  • Learn why ‘People Centricity’ trumps ‘Brand Obsession’ in the new Age of Marketing
  • Understand how consumer decision-making funnels have been revolutionized in the digital landscape and how brands must reframe their approach in this agile environment
  • Create real competitive advantage by ‘Stop Targeting and Start Serving’
New Sources of Growth and How Every Brand can Unlock them
  • Understand the “Paradox of Plenty”: Why plethora of digital tools and technologies are holding back marketers from driving what matters most: Brand Growth
  • How to re-frame your marketing objectives and bring razor-sharp focus to your brand strategies, despite today’s complex environment
  • Bridge the Intent-to-Action Gap and leverage the Growth Enabler Model (GEM) to unlock “Sources of Growth” for your business
New Rules to Build a Truly Unique and Distinctive Brand
  • Learn why “brand sameness” is a cross-industry phenomenon, despite heavy marketing efforts and investments over years
  • Proof points why long-established approaches to build differentiation are all doomed to fail in today’s world of digital and physical clutter
  • Discover the power of “Distinctiveness” and why it is a key weapon to standout
  • How to unlock what makes your brand unique and different
  • Proven new techniques to make your brand stand out no matter how crowded the market place

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile


Anser is a passionate Marketer with 20 years of international expertise in growing brands across a range of diverse markets in Europe, Middle East, South Asia & South East Asia, in a variety of Global, Regional & Local roles in multiple Fortune 500 companies across the Oil & Gas, Finance & FMCG industries.

Anser is also a recipient of multiple international awards including the coveted Cannes Lion (thrice!) for his much acclaimed Digital Marketing Campaign across South East Asia.
Anser started his career in the UK, by joining Deloitte & Touche in London. After consulting on some of the biggest global brands & a diverse range of NYSE listed clients, he soon discovered his passion for Marketing and more specifically Marketing related training & Capability Building. He has since doubled up his Marketing Practitioner's career as an accomplished trainer having successfully trained more than 6,000 marketers across the globe.

As an industry veteran & a cutting edge Marketer, Anser is a much sought after Keynote Speaker at Marketing & Digital Advertising Conferences in Malaysia, Singapore, Russia & USA. He has also been invited as an Industry Expert & Guest Lecturer to several leading global Business Schools including the London Business School, University of Chicago (Booth School of Business), Singapore Management University (SMU) and most recently at Harvard Business School.

Currently Anser is based out of Singapore, responsible for one of the biggest global brands exceeding 1 Billion dollars in annual turnover.