Leading Service Excellence

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

There is a strong relationship between employee and customer satisfaction—companies with loyal customers typically have loyal employees, and satisfied, loyal employees provide satisfying, loyalty-creating experiences for customers.
The challenge for the service manager is to understand the link between employee and customer loyalty, and to create an environment that enables service employees to deliver excellent customer service.
This workshop will provide participants with practical skills and techniques to guide your team to develop a customer-centric approach and deliver exceptional customer service.

Course Benefits

  • Describe the four areas of excellence in service management
  • Identify what your customers value
  • Set and communicate customer-focused service standards
  • Coach employees to provide consistently positive service, in both routine and service recovery situations
  • Build ongoing commitment to service excellence

Target Audience

This highly interactive and practical course is designed for customer service leaders, business directors and strategists including senior managers from marketing, customer service and sales functions.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  1. Facts about leading service excellence
  2. Keys to leading service excellence
  • Identifying Customer Expectations
  1. Gather data on customer expectations
  2. 5 criteria of customer expectations
  3. Use RATER to organise and communicate customer expectations
  • Set and Communicate customer-focused Service Standards
  1. Mapping customer touch points, expectations and gap
  2. Develop your critical customer service standards
  3. Communicate standards and their latitude
  4. Customer service through story telling
  • Coaching your team to deliver exceptional service
  1. 3 coaching skills useful in today’s service environment
  2. Teach and model a reliable customer-interaction process and a set of skills for your service providers to use in both routine and service recovery situations
  3. Provide feedback in a way that increases the competence and confidence of your employees
  4. Use a coaching process for building employee ownership and judgment in serving customers
  • Build Employee Commitment to Service Excellence
  1. 7 Important retention factors
  2. Tactics to increase commitment levels in the team

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Edward Foong

Edward Foong is the founder and CEO of a HR Consulting firm. He is passionate about developing people and has helped companies all over the world implement Orientation programs, design and implement Performance Management system, and facilitate programs around HR, Leadership, Sales, Service, and Teams.

Edward has more than 15 years of experience in facilitation of management, leadership, sales and customer service programs. He is a recognized coach and has utilized his skills to coach individuals, teams and even trainers. He is trained by Dr John C Maxwell and Robin Sharma.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was Senior Assistant Vice President of MediaCorp, a leading broadcaster in the region. In this position, he led a team who managed almost 3,000 employees and is primarily responsible for the whole company’s Organization Development, training & development needs.

Earlier in Edward’s career, he contributed to IBM, Abbott Laboratories and Coca- Cola (Singapore). In all these USA-based organizations, he was a leader in various areas and created significant impact to the people in his organization. He was also in charge of HR and Internal Communications in a French company responsible for all staff in 12 countries in Asia Pacific.

Edward is also a certified consultant who can administer and interpret the 5-factor psychometric tool – Facet5 and PEAKS.

Edward is a speaker and is occasionally invited to speak at various seminars all over the world. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. He is also an appointed Chief Judge for the Singapore HR Awards and the Vietnam HR Awards.