Developing Winning KPIs for Peak Performance

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

It is important for Heads of Department (HODs) and senior management to set relevant KPIs towards corporate objectives for achieving organizational effectiveness.  This workshop provides HODs and senior management the guideline and skills to formulate KPIs that meet SMART criteria and drive the organizational to the next higher level of performance.

Course Benefits

  • Know the biggest factors that cause your customers to jump ship and give their business to a competitor or another sales professional
  • The psychological reasons why people buy the first time, then continue being a customer and return to make more purchases
  • How to create a ‘business friendship’ with your customers 
  • A scientifically-proven secret to increase your likeability with people (Clients will only refer others to a sales professional they LIKE – discover a lesson here on how to continue having your clients like you for years)
  • 6 factors that determine whether a customer will buy from you again or not
  • One ‘stealthily-influential’ technique to psychologically establish trust with a client 
  • How to have your clients feel so incentivized and rewarded that they naturally want to be loyal fans to you/your company
  • How to get existing clients to ‘spread the word’ and positively tell others about you and your servic
  • ‘Supreme Service’ secrets to delight, incentivize and exceed the expectations of your clients 
  •  #1 key to have your clients stop perceiving you as a ‘seller’... but instead have them see you as a warmhearted friend who they follow for trusted advice
  • *Real case examples* of companies creating such deep loyalty in their customers… that their customers will actually feel bad or guilty about leaving for a competitor
  • Ways to 'reignite' previous customers who stopped buying from you… and start gaining their fervent enthusiasm again to continue doing business with you
  • Strategic methods to win back customers who had jumped to a competitor

Target Audience

  • Marketing professionals/executives
  • Sales professionals/executives
  • Customer service staff/team
  • Business development staff/team
  • P.R professionals/executives
  • Customer relationship officers

Course Outline

Getting a customer is one thing, but KEEPING the customer is another.
Because customers have the choice at any time to stop doing business with you… or they may know about the dozens of your other competitors out there and jump ship to one of them.
So in order to thrive in any industry, having customers stick to you is NOT optional, it is compulsory. Plus: Research shows that the most DURABLE companies and marketing/sales professionals that prosper for years… all have 1 thing in common – loyal clients who give their long-term support and repeat business.
This 2-day workshop gives you the “loyalty-instilling” strategies to psychologically strengthen your influence, trust and relationship with your clients – and have them see you as the only ‘go-to choice’ to do business with. In-turn, they become a loyal client of yours for life – and even encourage their families, friends and other people to be your customers.

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Tylus Lim

Tylus Lim has advised and helped sharpened the marketing campaigns/materials for companies spanning over 20 different industries. An obsessed marketing enthusiast, he spent over 14 years learning, real-life testing and applying just about every marketing method and idea known to man. These vast experiences had in turn helped to uncover what truly and repeatedly works in marketing.

Tylus is also an entrepreneur and founder of various businesses. He manages and oversees the marketing efforts of his businesses by actively using real-life marketing strategies to generate growth and profitability.

In the online aspect, he has created numerous web ads and copies for different niches and businesses. Some of Tylus' clientele include Singapore Armed Forces, People's Association, Rotaract Club of Singapore, SAFRA, Nanyang Polytechnic, Star Cruises, MCYS etc.

Tylus holds a Bachelor in Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he earned a certificate of distinction with specialisation in Marketing.