Analysing Customer Behaviour And Body Language

Marketing Institute of Singapore - Executive Development

Course introduction

Rapid globalization and constant change in our inter-connected world no longer allow people to continue with the tradition of doing activities or business within their own ethnic community.
Work and social relations have gone sour not because of personality factors but often because of ineffective communication and misreading of verbal and non-verbal communication signals amongst the people living in a multicultural environment. Behaviour focused selling is more than learning how to close the sale, its about our ability to influence decision making by analysing customers behavioural responses.

Course Benefits

  • Activate your personal presence and power
  • Utilise Verbal, Vocal and Visual Elements to Create Impact
  • Identify behaviour that enables you to influence others effectively
  • Develop skills to identify buying and closing signals
  • Improve ability to analyse customer behaviour to make sales presentations convincing and compelling

Course Outline

  • Effective Customer Communication Skills
  • Analyzing Customer Behaviour and Body language
  • Understand the Importance And Impact Of Customers Behaviour on Sales
  • Understanding and Responding To Different Personality and Learning styles
  • Developing a Customer Focused Sales Presentation
  • Detecting Deception and Resistance
  • Identifying Buying & Closing Signals
  • Influencing Buying Behaviour by Identifying Unstated Concerns

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Shankar G

Shankar G is an accomplished speaker, consultant and a highly effective trainer and facilitator conducting communication, sales as well as leadership training. He has motivated many individuals to grow in their personal and professional journey.

Having journeyed through challenging personal life situations, Shankar has been featured in Mediacorp, Vasantham Central, Channel News Asia as well in the Straits Times, Tamil Murasu and Newpaper for his accomplishments and inspiration to many. He is a versatile speaker and is able to blend in a repertoire of humour and entertainment effectively with a message of importance in his presentation. At the end of he is delivery; he is able to move his audience to a new understanding and depth of feeling that will make the audience adopt his views as a collective reaffirmation of their own.

From his sales career and training expertise and from experiential learning, he has developed comprehensive and effective approach to communication, sales and Leadership. His expertise as a trainer and speaker have enabled him to deliver trainings in Sales Negotiations, Goal setting workshops and Financial planning presentations for numerous companies.