How to Capitalise and Leverage on Networking


Course introduction

This one-day workshop is specially designed to equip the participants with the skills and techniques to generate business leads and build contacts through network and relationship building. The participants will learn the strategies to grow and expand their business networks and contacts through formal and informal channels.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Understand the principles, benefits and importance of networking 
  • Take steps to prepare for effective networking 
  • Learn what works – and what doesn’t - in networking
  • Use simple networking tools to generate contacts.
  • Participate more actively in activities both at work and in the community
  • Know how to communicate respect and build rapport 
  • Learn how to entertain and be entertained with more polish 
  • Make more connections and network effectively
  • Identify, manage and build their network more effectively

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to grow and nurture a professional network that will support and assist their career and/or business; whether they wish to do this through format networking events or more informal means.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Networking

  • When we network
  • The importance of effective networking skills
  • What networking is – and isn’t
  • Different types of networking
Module 2: Preparing to Network
  • What is networking and how it can benefit you
  • The power of the ‘6 degrees of separation’
  • Overcome barriers to networking
  • Planning a strategy, yet ready for spontaneous
  • Developing an action plan that markets you
Module 3: How to make contacts out of complete strangers
  • Self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem
  • What to say and do when you meet someone for the first time
  • Ice-breaking skills
  • The art of conversation: Initiation, development, purpose and closure
  • Conversation killers! What to avoid!
  • Principles of establishing rapport
Module 4: Improving your social skills to enhance your networking ability
  • Humour and personality skills for networking
  • How to remember names and faces
  • Understanding body language cues
  • Communicate respect, build rapport through your image, words and behaviours
  • Hot topics for all occasions
Module 5: Taking the next step - How to develop contacts and nurture your network
  • How to follow up with contacts without stalking them
  • Great ways of staying in touch
  • Identifying, managing and building your network
Module 6: How to make your network work for you!
  • Organise key information about your network
  • Focus your objective
  • Maintaining your network into the future
  • Maximizing the potential of your network

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan is an experienced conference speaker, workshop leader, facilitator and MC. He has twenty-five years of experience as a corporate trainer and fifteen years experience as a professional speaker.

He speaks at conferences and seminars across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and in the UK specialising in the areas of sales negotiations, customer service, humour in business and communication skills. His clients include large corporations, government departments, and small to medium size enterprises.

He has co-authored nine books on business communication skills and humour in business that are used extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and South Africa. He writes regular columns on communication skills, sales & customer service and humour in business for a number of industry magazines. He is the creator of the TILT! Selling program.