ABC to Brain Smart Speed Reading Techniques


Course introduction

Research revealed that global information is doubling every 3 years. While the rate of information growth is increasing at break-neck speed, more than 90% of us did not improve our reading speed since we left school. Our average reading speed remains at about 200 words per minute (wps) but it is estimated that we need a reading speed of 400 wps to be functionally literate today. This one-day practical course will improve your reading speed as much as 5 times more than your current speed. You will discover how your eyes can move and read faster than you think.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Learn basic brain principles - how it works and how to apply effective brain skills to work smart and improve productivity
  • Know how your eyes and brain do the reading
  • Learn the unique 4 Speed Technique developed by Brain Guru Tony Buzan
  • Increase your reading speed without compromising your comprehension
  • Know how to browse and skim information
  • Learn how your brain remembers as you read and after you read

Target Audience

Executives, professionals and managers who need to read fast and manage information better at work.

Course Outline

Module 1: Knowing Why You Need to Read Fast

  • Today’s Information and Knowledge Management
  • Benefits of Reading Fast
  • Factors affecting a person’s reading speed
  • Measure Your Initial Reading Speed
Module 2: Fundamentals of Reading
  • Definition of Reading
  • Common Problems of Reading
  • Identify the different reading genres
Module 3: ABCs of Speed Reading
  • Development of Speed Reading
  • Global Speed Reading Benchmark
  • How the Eye Reads
  • How the Brain Reads and Comprehends
Module 4: Getting the Brain to Read
  • Understand Mind’s Perception
  • How the brain perceives and processes information
  • Memory and Reading
  • How the Brain Recalls During and After Learning
Module 5: The Four Speed Reading Principles
  • Reading in Groups
  • Avoiding Fixation
  • Problem with Back-skipping
  • Use of Reading Guides
Module 6: Reading in Groups
  • Our Field of Vision
  • Chunking Your Words
  • Record Your WPM and Comprehension
Module 7: Relationship between Speed and Comprehension
  • Remember and Recall Key information
  • Extracting relevant information with speed
  • Association and Summarisation
  • Speed Reading with Comprehension

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Eric Cheong

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