Boost Your Charisma and Likeability


Course introduction

Charisma is critical in business, leadership, work life, and personal happiness. Charismatic people are more well-liked, trusted, and supported. They, therefore, tend to attract more success in their professional and personal lives. Despite charisma being much studied by social and behavioural scientists, confusion and myths about charisma abound. The good news is: charisma is a skill that you can learn and practice.

This workshop shows you how you can learn and practice the mindset and behaviours of charismatic people, and enjoy the rewards of increased personal power and likeability.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Explain why charisma and likeability are critical to the personaleffectiveness and career success
  • Apply the tools of charisma to project personal power, presence, and warmth
  • Practice mental and behavioural techniques to develop charismatic thinking and behaviours
  • Apply charisma in difficult situations
  • Implement developmental activities to further increase personal charisma and likeability

Target Audience

  • Managers;
  • Executives;
  • Supervisors; and
  • Team Leaders

Course Outline

  • Charisma and likeability: What is charisma? Why is it important?
  • Charisma myths: Either you have or don’t?
  • The science of charisma: What social and behavioural sciences tell us
  • Being a charismatic person
  • Elements of charisma: power, warmth, presence
  • What’s blocking your personal charisma?
  • How to increase power, warmth, and presence
  • Putting into practice the charisma mindset, styles, and behaviours
  • Applying charisma in first impressions, speaking, listening, and presenting
  • Applying charisma in difficult situations
  • Cultivating charisma

Available Course Sessions

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Trainer Profile

Albert Kho

Albert Kho is a UK-certified speech and communications trainer with more than 20 years of industry experience in sales, marketing, and senior management. In the past 15 years, he has conducted more than 100 workshops yearly in oral and written communications, interpersonal communication, personal effectiveness, and performance management.

His clients include MNCs, government agencies, and training institutes. He has trained extensively in ASEAN countries, Mauritius, and the Maldives. An Arts graduate from the University of Singapore, his training qualifications include Teaching Licentiate Diploma (LTCL) in Effective Communication awarded by Trinity College London; TESOL Diploma from the London Teacher Training Centre; Diploma in Counselling Psychology; NLP Master Trainer; WSQ ACTA and DACE certification. Albert is passionate about helping others communicate confidently and effectively. Learners like his interactive, activity-driven, warm and engaging style of facilitation.